Friday, May 20, 2016

Healthy relationship - what does that even mean?

Hello lovelies. If you noticed, i did not write much about makeup and beauty products at all for this past week. Until today, i don't have any new items to shout out or to try out. So, let me just give my own advice to all of you on my perception of a healthy relationship.

I was once, no actually twice being in a non healthy relationship. To me, a relationship should be healthy in order to get the momentum of love to spread all across our selves and our partner. To be honest, i am no doctor love and i don't think so i am qualified to give love advises to all . I have few failed relationship in the past but believe it or not, that makes me feel okay for me to share this with you. Not that i have seen enough, just that i might be having more experience in a non healthy relationship.

To me relationship starts when you have feelings for each other. If you feel love and happy with that someone, that starts up the relationship. But, how do you know that you are in love with someone? Do you just..know? Is it because you have the chemistry and connection with that person and then you fall in love with them? What is the true mechanism of falling in love? To me, i fall in love quite easily (my mom always scolded me on this matter) but i tend to get bored if that person is not what i thought they should be. To me, a healthy relationship should have/be:

1. Happiness. Real happiness. 
2. Tolerance.
3. Matured. In the sense that, each individual should be matured enough to omit certain negative things.
4. Arguments. Arguments are to have not everyday but to a certain extend, it is healthy to have arguments to express our opinions.
5. Balance. Your life and your relationship life should have a proper balance to it. If you can't balance your own life, you can't be in a healthy relationship.
6. Acceptance. You should accept whoever and whatever your partner is. 
7. FUN! This will come when all the criteria above are in. If you can have a fun relationship, then you are in a healthy relationship. 

There are more to a healthy relationship other then all the points to but those are some of the points that i think could relate that is lacking in my previous relationship. I think, being mature is the most important aspect when it comes to being in a relationship. A healthy relationship is not a relationship that does not argue and are always happy.

In fact, if you are in a relationship but you are always arguing and not coming to any conclusion is also not a healthy relationship. Well, to me being matured is the key to a healthy relationship and a guy should be the one who is matured enough to handle a woman and to lead them to be mature as well.

You do realize i did not mention anything about money in my blog entry today. To me, money is the enablers of relationship. You have money, you'll be happier but that does not mean you are going to be in a healthy relationship. Any relationship that is involving money, it's a prejudice to the relationship.

This is how i measure a healthy relationship. How about yourself? Please share below if you do have other points to shout about.

Till then,

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