Thursday, May 5, 2016

Penang Trip & Syafini's Wedding!

Dearies all! I am so sorry for neglecting my blog for nearly a week now. I do have things on BOTD to post out but i was caught on some other things  to do. I did went for a trip to Penang last weekend and attended my colleague's wedding day as well! We had a blast trip all together and it was so nice to hang out and have fun! 

We departed on Saturday morning around 10am and was supposed to arrive at Penang estimate time around 3pm. Since it was a long weekend for Malaysian, i know there'll be traffic jam all over the route as Malaysian people like holidays and will take advantage from a long weekend holiday like this. We arrived at around 5pm after a whole stretch of  traffic and stops. 

We did nothing much on the first day. Just resting and trying to get the energy back alive. 

Sunday! It's the wedding day of Syafini! We are ready to head to Bertam around 11.30am and arrived at Bertam just nice at 12.30pm. 

The bride and groom looks so lovely together! Wish all the best to Syafini and Reza and have a wonderful life together! 

Some of the scenes at the wedding as well. T_T

Going back to the island, we took a ferry. I have not been in one for a long time! So we had to wait for nearly 30 mins to get on board but it was worth it! RM7.70 one way was worth the experience.

We then went to Gurney Plaza for a movie. Booked a ticket to watch Captain America : Civil War (i am #teamcap all the way cause i dont really fancy Iron Man). We had our dinner at Line Clear Nasi Kandar. The queue of 20 mins max are totally worth it. I remember my dad use to buy nasi kandar from some shop in Penang. I think it was from Line Clear. 

Last day before heading back to KL which takes us about 11 hours to reach from Penang. Yes. Massive traffic with average of speed is just 40km/h. We stopped again at Line Clear Nasi Kandar just to have the taste of the real nasi kandar before we could forgot everything. It was totally satisfying and one giant prawn like that costs around RM20 (the prawn price depending on the sizes). 

Well, it was indeed a nice trip to Penang and we will be heading there again soon. :)

Till then,

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