Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Singapore WorkTrip - Pictures

Hello friends! I would finally want to blog about my work trip to Singapore. Nothing much but this is my first time travelling alone. Well, when i say alone, i don't have any accompany to company me throughout the flight, during hotel check in and during free time. Thanks to my friends in Singapore, they managed to capture me (i think it is rather the opposite, i catch them instead haha). Since i stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, first night they brought me for dinner and a short tour at the Gardens by the Bay.

We had our dinner at the food court in Marina Bay and i had mine, a Beef Alfredo Aglio Olio which is super yummy! After dinner, we went for a stroll at the Gardens by the Bay. Just at the outside park. Thanks to Mala & Su, without them i think my night will be just eating maggi mee (which i like too) and watching TV.

I stayed at Marina Bay Hotel Tower 3. the room is okay for me but they can do much better i guess. The size of the room is pretty small. Enough to space 2 adults and 1 kid inside. I dont really like the bed. It feels quite hard for my fragile backside. But the view is spectacular! I can see the Garden by the Bay view from above.

My first snack in Singapore was a Double Decker Chicken Crackers. I really really love this cracker so much! Not that salty anymore.

Second day in Singapore. I had one bottle of Apple juice which i bought from their 7-e yesterday night. I did not had my breakfast as it is the first day of the event and i am not sure what will be happening as yet. So i just have to standby at the booth of my office and oversea people.

Morning view from Tower 3 Hotel. I am a bit height freak so i can't lean that much towards the mirror.

After the event, i made an arrangement to meet again with Mala & Su. So i decided to take the MRT to Bugis St. While waiting for them to finish work, i did some shopping to myself and for my man. We meet around 7pm and off to Zam Zam Restaurant, which is famous for its murtabak.

A stroll in Haji Lane after that. This is a great tourist spot. I think if i visited Haji Lane morning time, it'll be more beautiful. Here, located the famous mosque in Singapore, Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque).


We walked from Haji Lane to the Esplanade for a corn in cup. It was a long walk but with these three (actually Mala's sister is also with us) people, It's just a 2.7-2.8 km walk so it should be fine.


Acting touristy when im with these people. I just love to have them with me that night. I could see many Singaporeans with their own style. Some make Smule videos with girlfriend, some just doing a show in front of people but they are always doing something. It's hard to see Singaporeans just sit down and do nothing.

So my last day in Singapore was on Friday. My flight was around 3.45pm but i have to check out at 11am. So i just wonder around the mall and see what else i could buy. Most of the stuffs in the mall are very high end. So, i ended up going to the airport very damn early. I had my McDonald lunch there and checked in my luggage. It was then during my trip to the airport from the hotel, i encountered this lady taxi driver who is super energetic and funny! She's 65 years old but seriously she does not look 65 at all! She looks super young and i asked her what's her secret. She said, do not worry to much, think positive and smile all the way. Well, i might think that would work on me but i can't be smiling all the way. People might think i'm crazy. Haha

Overall, my trip to Singapore is okay with my friends around. I do miss my man so much during that time. We did Facetime and FaceTime call to keep in touch with each other. I can't wait for my next trip to Singapore. Don't know when but hopefully soon. :)

Till then,

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