Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Perks of Being Anak Tunggal - my story.

Hello friends. Just nak share with all of you on Anak Tunggal or being the only child. Whenever i mentioned that i am the only child in my family, the first sentence from them would be

"Wah, mesti manja kan?"
"Wah. best nya! Mintak apa pun mesti dapat kan?"

I was like, well..not really but they did not believe me! I know it is hard to believe it when you have all those dramas and television to spoil your brain.

Well, i want to share with all of you on my own experience as anak tunggal. Tak ada la semua yang best je. Ada jugak yang tak best. 
Ramai orang cakap, anak tunggal ni banyak kelebihannya. Ada yang cakap, anak tunggal ni best. Well, memang best sebab tak payah nak bergaduh dengan adik beradik lain for one thing. But, the downfall of it is that, i don't have that kind of memories to share with my friends or boyfriend or even to my own child. Anak tunggal ni wajib independent. Sebabnya tak semua benda mak & ayah akan buatkan for us. That is actually true. Jangan kata jadi anak tunggal, mak ayah akan tatang macam minyak yang penuh, masa kecik mungkin lah. Tapi bila dah besar mesti everything you have to do your own.

I was never spoil by my parents. When i was little, i remember i dare not to ask anything from my parents. All my duit raya money are stored inside a bank. Each year raya mesti ada bukak one new bank sebab nak tabung and other free gifts. I am not spoiled but i bersyukur as my dad has always been the best money lender to me when i was still studying in university. I mean, all dads are the same. They'll give their children what they need to survive. So, i dont think that being the only daughter, my dad helps me. If i do have a sister / brother, he'll help them too. So, i am not spoiled and again i am saying this.

The perks of being the only child is that, bila ada hari raya ke, hari keluarga ke, orang akan selalu dengan adik beradik ambik gambar semua. But for the only child person like me, i take my own picture and i tend to be quite reserved on that. Another thing that i noticed being the only child is that, you tend to speak less and do more. Your brain will think 24 hours a day alone unless you are with someone. Anak tunggal ni special. They have their own world. They do what they want to do but they'll think of the consequences as well. They take care of their family as they know whenever their parents are gone, they will be left alone in this world.

Well, being the only child sometimes needed patience. We do not need guidance that much as we tend to do things our own way. Well, guidance is to just guide us to go there but how do we do it, we do it ourselves. We are very independent! Anak tunggal is a perfect gift to all parents out there and being an anak tunggal is not a defect.

Well, tak akan rasa lonely sebeb we like it this way. It is better to be alone than to have people who backstab you. Dah pulak macam tu. Actually, sometimes we do feel lonely. Especially when you did something wrong, or you need support from someone but not your parents, you dont have other family members to support you. Or, whenever you did something wrong and you know you'll be the one to be blamed, you are doomed.I tried to pass the blame torch to my cats, it does not work at all. Haha

So, there are some downside to it as well but i was fortunate enough to survive until now being the only child in the family. I was loved and blessed with many opportunities and such from my parents. I never asked let alone blame them for not giving me little brother or sister. Being the only child is awesome! There are some only child famous people who you might know

They are not doomed are they? I can still say they are very successful in life. So, appreciate your friends. Even if they are an only child. Bukan senang nak survive as an only child. Especially when you are going to get married and need to meet with your other half family. If your other half do have siblings, it might take time for you to adapt to their siblings. Being the only child, we hate sharing things as well. So, do not expect to share things with me unless you are my bald boyfie. :P 

Well, here's my story on being the only child. If you need help on certain things about being the only child, come and talk to me. I am here to help and guide. Hehe.

Till then,

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