Monday, June 20, 2016

Age 30 but still not married?

Hello friends! I have been neglecting my blog for a really long time, this time around. While i gather all the necessary pictures from my latest foundations and also other things that i bought during Sephora's recent 20% off, let me just write about something that is super sensitive to others. Age and marriage. 

Are you 30 years old this year, but still single? Or perhaps, still in a relationship with your partner and you do not know when will you be in that situation. 

First of all, does that even matter to you? Do you set a goal to be married at this certain age? Well, i dont really set mine so i just go with the flow. What are the main criteria that you are still not married?

Do you even feel sad to see that your friends are now married and having kids while you are not and you are still playing with your makeup and stuffs? To me, getting marries is when you and your partner but most importantly your parents are ready. It is not just about yourself. You need to ask your parents as well. 

Some might say, parents did not agree for you to get married therefore that is why you are still not married. Well, in Islam to avoid sins, the parents should give way for their kids to get married. In general, parents were given the mandate to decide whether their kids are well enough to get married. So, this could be one of the restrictions as well.

Perhaps, it is your lifestyle that prevent you from getting married even you are now nearly or entering 30 years old. You are very busy with work or with friends that you forgot to...get married! Some people just really tend to focus on their life, they like to travel alone, they like to do stuffs alone so perhaps they just dont want to get married because they are comfortable to do all things alone.

This is one of the most famous factor that i have read/seen so far. Money is one of the main factor that people do not get married as yet. They are afraid that they could not support each other's life after marriage. To me, rezeki will comes next. Do the one that is needed first. No worries, everything has been planned by God. He knows what is the best for you and your partner.

Well, perhaps you are still not yet married cause, you are just not ready. Not ready to have that kind of commitments. Not ready to share everything with your partner. Just..not..ready. 

Well, to me no matter what age you are married, just dont look at the age as the main factor for you to get married. People can be in their 40's and still single! It's your perspective towards marrying someone. If you are ready, then go for it! If you are not, please do not try to even getting married. Someone needs to be matured enough to handle marriage stuffs. Remember, when you are getting married, you are not just married to the man/woman that you love, you are also marrying his/her families as well. So, remember that. 

Till then,
me who is not yet married. :)


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