Thursday, June 23, 2016

BOTD : Moonshot Powder Block Eye Shadow (Jack Rose)

Dear Friends. finally a BOTD entry from me today! I just can't wait to share with you my first experience using Moonshot Powder Block. I only know about this brand from Sephora itself and i was a bit skeptical when it comes to trying new Asian products. When i swatch it at the back of my hand, i was stunned! My perception on this product is quite high now. Especially when it comes to their Gel Pot it is super duper pigmented man! 

So, what is that great about this product? 
Personally to me i love eye shadows and eye shadow needs to be very pigmented in order for the user like me, to use it without any hesitation. The packaging also needs to be very sleek and easy to store. I love how the packaging for Moonshot's eye shadows are square in shape as i love square. Easy to store and stack.

When i was in Sephora, as usual i did swatch most of the colors which i know i am going to love it but this one caught my eye and soul the most. It is not just because of the name Jack Rose, it's also because of the color itself. Very nice rosy pink color.

Look at the sleekness of this product. I mean, how sleek can you ask for? This is super lovely to see the packaging is transparent so that you can see the eye shadow color inside. The only thing that i would love to see is if this eye shadow can be stack able or, connect with each other like the Revlon Colorstay eye shadow.

*Fainted!* Whenever i see this color, i fall in love with it every time. It is the most richest rose color that i have ever seen and could be one of the most non American eye shadow that is so pigmented!

You can just see this swatch on the back of my hand. With just one light swatch, this happened! OMG! With just below RM50 for one eye shadow (if im not mistaken cause i forgot the price ^_^) and with a very high quality of a product, i think it is so worth it to just buy a loose eye shadow and to have the color that you only wear. Sometimes, in a palette, you don't really use all of the colors right? So this way is to prevent the other eye shadow being left out. Hehe.

So, if you are a huge fan of eye shadow and pink rose color, you definitely NEED to have this one in your collection. You can get Moonshot's products at Sephora in Malaysia. 

Till then,

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