Tuesday, July 19, 2016

BOTD : Current Skin Care (After wash) feat Kiehl's Ultra Face Cream

Hello friends! If you have been following me on Instagram & liked my Facebook Page, you'll see a blurry picture which I posted out last night. I have been using this skin care products for a while (not the Kiehl's Ultra Face Cream) and so far i am loving it on my skin. My skin has been at its greatest point where i feel very confident event without makeup. It is just that i do have eye bags cause of lacking of sleep. I do sleep but i think it is just not enough cause my eye bags are getting ridiculous each day! No eye cream could prevent that from happening. Can you suggest any good eye creams? 

Can you spot any familiar products that may be you have been using for ages? ^_^
Skincare is one of the routine that i always change according to my skin type. I have a very weird skin type when sometimes it will be super dry and sometimes it'll be super oily / moist. So, i have to accommodate my skin according to its mood. This time around, i have been using these three or sometimes just two products each day and night.

I dont use any night creams or what-so-ever cause i just dont feel like buying extra creams at that point of time. Now, i think it's very useful to have a night skin care routine as well. Just let me find the right products that suits my skin and i'll blog about it here. At the meantime, this is also my day and night skin car routine. 

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion (Light)

A colleague of mine suggested me to try this particular product. She said that this product is working well on her skin. I did tried this product before i changed to Tabita (a while back) and then i never use it back again until she suggested me to. Well, i bought and use it back again and fall in love with it, second time. I know, sometimes we need to give a second chance to the products that we abandoned and see if they still likes us. In my case, it is still working well for me. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

I only been using this cream for several days but i have already seen some positive results from it. It is actually part of Kiehl's best seller items. I was looking for a cream to prevent my dry skin especially around the tip of my mouth and a little bit of my under cheek / jawline. It has always been very dry there and i need a product which is not irritates but yet good to prevent the dryness. The beautician in Kiehl's suggested me to either use the serum based or cream based and i choose cream based instead as this one is a little bit cheaper. The price is just RM116 for a handful tub. I'll post a dedicated blog on this soon!

Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment

Well, this is my holy grail product from Kiehl's. It works really really well in reducing the appearance of marks from acne or after facial scars. I love how well it works on my skin, i think this is like my 4th tube since i started using it 2 years ago. The price for this is RM127 but let me tell you it does its job pretty well! If you want to read more on this product, i'll do a full review on it as well as i could not remember if i did have done a video posting about it or not. 

There you have it my skin care products that i have been using so far. I think i'll stick to these three products as for now but probably adding more products to clear up my eye bags and stuffs and probably other night products such as face masks and more. 

Do watch out my blog and youtube videos for my latest skin care routine. If you want to know how did i apply my products, probably a short video on it would sufficient. 

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