Tuesday, July 5, 2016

BOTD : TooFaced Better Than Sxx Mascara (Waterproof)

Hello lovelies! I am still at work! Yes! Tomorrow is Aidilfitri and i am still at work today. Well, not that much of a deal as we will be going back to our hometowm tomorrow afternoon. Penang here we come! Anyway, one day before Aidilfitri, i would like to review my holy grail mascara, now it comes in a waterproof version! 

The TooFaced Beter Than Sxx Waterproof Mascara! 

It's not like the end of the world when TooFaced does not have the waterproof mascara for their best seller, Better Than Sxx. I was okay with the original formulation of the mascara and was not thinking about having to have the waterproof version. But just because i really do love the non waterproof mascara (and i had finished mine actually so more reason to buy new one!) and i really want to take part in the Sephora 20% discount for Black Card, so i bought the waterproof version.

First of all, just look at the color of the mascara! Mint Green! I loveeeeeee mint green and this makes me love this mascara even more! I am not so sure why mint green tho' cause their original ones tube are in pink color. Besides the color, just look at the details of the water drops on the tube! It is so real like! Makes it more different than other mascaras in town!

The wand looks pretty much the same as the original ones. It's a brush wand and not some plastic wands which i am not in favor with. Well, worth the price of RM 80 i guess. I mean, if i purchased a high end mascara and it has a plastic wand on it, i'll be super pissed! 

Lets do a little demo shall we? First of all, i am sorry i took all my face pictures using my phone camera, therefore the quality is not that good. Anyway, this is my face without any mascara on.

After adding 1 coat of Better Than Sxx Waterproof mascara on my right lashes. Just one coat okay! 

Tadaa! When i have it on both of my lashes! Well, to me the formulation is pretty much the same except this one is a bit thick and it tends to clump if you did not clean the excess of the mascara on the brush before applying the second coat. Although with the first coat, this mascara tends to get quite clumpy after a while so you have to clean the brush before your future use. 

To take it off, it is pretty hard. Well, even the original ones are quite hard to take off as well. But fret not, i think they do have a special makeup remover just for that. I did not buy it though cause i think i'll still be using my holy grail Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water and it works just fine. Just need a little bit of effort that's all. 

I would still prefer the original pink tube over this one if i need to pick one. Their waterproof is super waterproof and it really makes my lashes curled for a really long time! I had found one trick to not to make the mascara clumped on the lashes. You need to curl your lashes before applying it. :) 

Like what you see & read? Purchase today at Sephora stores! I don't see this one to be available online so you need to check their stores. 

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