Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Althea! Pink Party Celebration! #AltheaTurns1 #AltheaKorea

Hallo Hallo friends! Happy Monday! I can still remember last Friday i blogged about my current favorite eye shadow palette and now it's Monday back again. How are all of you so far? Have you followed me on Instagram? If not, please do so NOW! I updated few pictures at Althea Korea's 1st Birthday Party such as picture below

Yesterday was the Birthday Party day for Althea who turns 1 on 20th July 2016! Althea Korea first launched in Malaysia and has been bridging the gap between Malaysian and Korean in beauty and skin care vertical. Although we could easily get out hands on some Korean top beauty products here but the price is somewhat, not cheap. If you'd travel to Korea and see how cheap these beauty products are, you'll never want to buy from the physical stores here in Malaysia again.

Therefore, Althea Korea is the one stop center for us to purchase authentic 100% Korean beauty and skin care products. You'll go crazy when you log in into their website, and it feels like you want to purchase everything inside their website. I love their description where they have all the colors and swatches and descriptions and testimonials inside! Makes me want to purchase more of their products! 

As the theme of the party is PINK, i choose to wear a long kebaya to the event because prior to that i attended my aunts' open house. 

Upon registration, I can see this gift redemption table, full with prized to be redeemed during the lucky draw. They way they do their lucky draw is to grab a balloon and pop it. There is a small paper inside the balloon and once the balloon pops up, grab the paper and look what is written on it. 

I got the It's My Cushion Case Set! I have ordered i think another 1 of this set last week. Hehe. I love the set as we can put in any foundations that we love and it is transformed to a cushion foundation, easier to bring and store inside our handbag! Thank you to lucky draw sponsors, It's My/WondeRuci/Aromatica!

When it is a party, there must be food otherwise it's a funeral instead. Hehe. During the party, all foods served has some Korean elements in it such as make-your-own-Bingsu and Kimbap Station. They also served special drinks, Cloud Soda apart from a pink guava drink called Fairytale (It's a pink theme, drink must be Pink color as well. Hehe) 

The act of Althea's CEO. Hehe. He sang us a song after being challenged by all of us! His voice was out of this world! Who would have guessed that he could sing an opera type of song! Amazing!

We took a group photo before they announced the winner of the best dress. I love how this photo turns out to be! Everybody was squeezing just to fit in the little frame of my phone! I don't have any selfie stick, hence the squeeze haha. 

There were one surprise given to all of us who attended. We were given 150 credit points to shop for 30 mins! I did make a purchase last week on Althea's birth day so this time around, i took the chance to purchase some of the products that i wanted to purchase last week. Do follow me on Instagram if you want to know what products that i choose yesterday. :)

Thank you to the lucky draw sponsors as well! It's My, WondeRuci and  Aromatica!

Other than that, there was a photo booth and i did took a chance to take a photo at the photo booth as well. The booth was decorated very glamly, featuring Althea's signature pink box. Thank you to Glitz&Glam Studiobooth 

Therefore with this blog post, I would like to again wish


Thank you Tammy for the invitation and for a very successful event!

Till then,

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