Friday, July 15, 2016

The Perks : Celebrating Aidilfitri as an only child and not married (yet)

Hello friends! So tajuk bukan main panjang lagi kan. Haha. Anyway, again if you are new to my blog, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1437H. It's been 1 week 2 days of Hari Raya and i remember that i dropped down a status on my Facebook page stated that i wanted to blog about my experience celebrating Raya at the age of 30 years old, being the only child and still not married (yet).

Well, my Aidilfitri this year starts by me waking up in the morning for a bath and then packing my bags up for our trip to Penang & Kedah. Then, while waiting for my parents to finish packing their stuffs and get ready, i'll eat some raya cookies which is one thing that i love about Raya now and play with my cats. Oh yes, i also took these selfie photos as well.

So, Hari Raya as a *single 30 year old *(single meaning not yet married here) and the only child in my family seems pretty, boring. But, since it's Hari Raya i could eat my Raya cookies and have fun without having my mom and dad to look out for me is super awesome!

Most of my cousins are now married with kids. So, they'll still get Raya money for their children(s) but the best part is that i still get Raya money for myself! Well, few of my aunty and grandmother still give me Raya money! Hehe

But, the most best thing celebrating Aidilfitri for people like me is that, you can be with your parents whenever they go. If they wanted to go to the shopping mall, you follow cause you have no other person that you can follow and be friends with. My cousins, most of them have their own life and some of them are quite small for me to interact with them (I don't know how to interact with kids) so i am basically alone with my phone.

That is when my boyfriend comes along. The one who helps to cheer me up during my Raya cause my Raya is pretty much boring. T_T

So, he sent this photo on the first day of Raya. We matched our Raya outfit color plus, it was from the same designer. Rizalman and Rizalmen for Zalora hence the similar color hue.

With the picture given and thousand of pictures i have seen in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter i feel like i would also want a photo of Raya so i made this..

Well, no family Raya photo cause this year it does not feel like Raya and most of my family members do not like to take photo that much. Shy shy cat gitu. But, wait till next year. This might change.

So in general, i did not feel like Raya at all cause we did not go to Penang by car. We took flight instead. Secondly, i don't have my close cousins with me to take Raya photos cause all of them are now married and have their own family to attend. Thirdly, although we took flight to Penang, we did rent a car to go to Kedah and we spent more of our time in the car cause of the traffic jam. Lost nearly 24 hours of time already there. Penang - Kedah on the second day of Raya took my dad around 4 hours to reach and Penang - Kedah on the fourth day of Raya took my dad abour 5 hours to reach! What? Haha.

So, i am not complaining. Maybe i am old now and Raya does not feel the same as i was a child. I think it is time for me to get married, don't you think? ^_^

Till then,

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