Friday, August 26, 2016

BOTD : Fame Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hello friends! I am now supporting more on our Malaysian made liquid lipsticks and so far after following other bloggers and beauty gurus i have found several liquid lipsticks that is super affordable and very very good! They should receive more compliments and recognition! My first Malaysian made liquid lipsticks is FAME. Makeup artist NurLiana is currently promoting and using this brand and i could not just let it pass me by without me having to try it out.

I bought these liquid lipsticks via COD to my office. Thank you to Athira for the delivery on cash terms. I ordered a day earlier and the next day, she was here at my office, delivering these babies! If you live / work nearby Cyberjaya you can seek for her COD option! She is super fast in replying Whatsapp messages. 

I have tested all of the colors but it is too early to give out reviews. You may check my review post on these liquid lipsticks soon weather it'll be in my blog or Instagram or both!

I purchased three colors, Desire, Gossip & Violet. I personally love all three colors!

Look how pigmented they are! I mean, pigmentation is superb but is it long lasting enough? We shall see in my next review soon! So far i have tested Violet and Gossip and both of the colors are quite long lasting. Even after eating a plate of fried rice or mee goreng, the lipsticks does not fade off! First impression done right! Hehe.

FAME Cosmetics do have other neutral shades and pinkinh shades as well. You can check out their official instagram to look at the available shades and possibility of a new shades coming in! Well, it is not only liquid lipsticks that they are selling, they also sell BB Cushion as well! I might want to try that one out one day!

If you are interested to purchase, RM29 per lipstick is all you need to pay (excluding postage for certain Fame agents) and you'll get these incredible liquid lipsticks yourself!
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  1. i ada gossip and violet. tapi i tak suka bau dia sikit. mcm ada chemical bau sket

    1. I punya Violet ada bau chemical. Desire & Gossip bau candy hehehe


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