Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BOTD : It's My Cushion Case Set (DIY Cushion Foundation)

Hello friends! Another round of BOTD for this week? I love the fact that now i could use my favorite foundation, as a cushion foundation! Yay! Sometimes, it is pretty handy and easy to have your foundation to be in a cushion form rather than in a jar. With the cushion foundation, i could have my foundation and apply it anytime i want to. 

I encountered this amazing item from It's My line in Althea Korea. I love the fact that i could just pour my favorite foundation inside the sponge tub and transform my foundation to become a cushion foundation.

They have some Korean fineprint at the back of the box. I have no idea what it says haha. 

Taken from Althea.Kr website, the steps on how to DIY your cushion foundation using this set is simple and easy! Take out the sponge, you can mix your favorite primers/moisturizers with the foundation (or you can just have your foundation alone), mix it and put on the sponge back and just add a bit more of the foundation on the sponge and press it to make the sponge wet then tadaa! You'll have a cushion pact with your favorite everyday foundation!

I choose their Limited Edition (Cherry Blossom) set to transform my favorite NARS foundation to a cushion foundation. 

In this set, it has all of the basic needs for a cushion foundation. I love their cushion applicator. It is super soft and spreads out the foundation evently on my skin. The texture of the cushion is super silky! 

Well, apart from foundation, you can use this case set to also apply your favorite sun screen/moisturizer and more! It is super versatile and very easy to bring around. 

The price is super affordable as well. From as low as RM3 for their separate sponge and cushion and one whole as a the picture aboe costs RM19 only! 

Grab yours today if you want to have a portable go to foundation like mine!

Till then, 

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