Thursday, August 18, 2016

BOTD : It's My Lip Balm & Lip Crayon

Hello friends! It is only one day to Friday and weekend is just around the corner! Today is the BOTD entry back again and i would like to share with you my current favorite lip products this month.

You may see that the packaging is not that convincing at all, especially when the name of the product it It's My.. To me, do not judge an item (especially from Althea Korea's website) by it's packaging and name! Even though this brand is super duper cheap and affordable, it does what it does and i am falling in love with this brand each day!

It is in a pencil form which you can retract the products by twisting the below part of the pencil. You don't have to sharpen the product and no mess created! I just love the simple packaging with black in color. 

Even though it is a balm, you can definitely see the shininess of the balm and when you applied these two together, it compliments each other even more! If you wear only the balm, your lips will look hydrated and feel hydrated but i always use it together with the lip crayon which is matte in color and it makes my lips look a bit glossy but still matte! I know this sounds so weird but trust me, it is true! 

This is my lips, just with the balm on. You can see that it does creates a shining effect and makes my lips to have enough moisturizer on. The balm apparently does not dries up my lips (like most balms do!! I have no idea why though!) and i love the sheer pink color.

My lips are now fully coated with the lip balm+crayon on top. Can you see how glossy but yet matte it looks? Of course it is transferable if i drink or eat but that lip crayon does gives me a bit of a stain on my lips which is still okay. 

The lip crayon is not sticky at all! Once applied, it gives a powdery feeling (not drying of course) on your lips and it feels super lightweight! Not long lasting but it was fine for me to reapply as the color is super pigmented! With just one layer, it could coats up my full lips with colors! (Yes i know i have thin lips so that does not count. Haha) 

If you are interested to purchase this product, the price is RM 20 each on website. It has may reviews on Althea's website and you can just read them one by one and most of them love this product! It is super worth it i want to get more of it soon! Come let's shop together!

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