Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BOTD : Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Lolita)

Hello friends! It's Kat Von D time! I have been trying out this newly launched in Malaysia range, the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. After several swatches, i have decided to purchase Lolita as my first shade as it is always sold out anywhere i go! Thank God Sephora in Nu Sentral did have it, only one last piece! 

As usual with the gothic like box, i grab one and paid RM99 for this liquid lipstick.

The shade Lolita seems to be very well received and famous. It is hard to find it anywhere cause of the shade is very wearable especially it is in trend now. Kylie Jenner brings out the mauve colors back again in 2015 after the pink and nude colors dominates the lipstick world for so long. 

Personally, i love the color on my lips. If you do have fuller lips like Kylie Jenner, you'll rock this shade further more than me! Haha. I mean, no offence but thinner lips like me are suitable more to use red color lipsticks.

The tube is super slim i can bring it anywhere i want! I love that it is super long and slim. It has a very nice silver rose printed on the tube top and on the tube itself are the black printed rose. The prints did not get scratched or faded away. Sometimes, that's the price we paid, to have a quality liquid lipstick and quality packaging as well.

The color is undeniably pigmented. I applied it on my lips in the morning, let it dry for a while, and then whenever i eat or drink it does not comes out that easy. I noticed that if you applied this lipstick and let it sink for a while around 2-3 hours, the lasting power is much more longer. This to me, is definitely not a long lasting lipstick as it does fades away. The lasting power is around 5-6 hours only and then it'll leave a stain at the side of your lips. 

So far, with the price that i am paying for this lipstick, i love it. I love the formulation. It is not drying at all and it is super pigmented! It feels quite smooth on my lips after it has dried up but you can still feel the dryness layer on the lips. If you are looking for a very pigmented, quite long lasting and really nice color for the price of below RM100, this could be one of your choices from the high end brands.

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