Friday, August 12, 2016

BOTD : RiRe Lip Manicure (Pink Brown)

Hello friends! How are all of you today. As you may know (or might not know), i love lipsticks. Lipstick is an essential thing that i carry most of the time in my handbags and my car. It is not that i do need to have lipsticks all the time and applied it every time after i eat something, i just think that lipstick is the simplest makeup item that could brighten your face (even with you not wearing any makeup at all).

Of course for lipstick wearer like me, I always wanted my lipstick to stay put after i eat or drink so that i don't have to reapply again and again.

This is the new revolution of liquid lipstick. I know you can't see that much inside the picture above cause the quality is super bad, but i can rest reassured you that this lipstick from Korea is the bomb!

I love liquid matte long lasting lipstick which do what it says! I mean, some claimed to be the long lasting liquid lipstick but still they are not that long lasting enough! There are several other cheaper brands like RiRe which is super long lasting!

Mine is in the shade Pink Brown which is one of my favorite lipstick shade. My mom said that for my skin color, i have to purchase berry shade lip color but i love this shade as well so i could not resist it! Well, purchasing lipstick online is quite a hard thing to do. Cause you do not know the exact shade of the lipstick.

For just RM30.00 you can get this exclusive product in Korea via Althea Korea website! I know sometimes affordable products does not do what it claims to do but this one seriously does its job pretty well! With just one layer, it will stick onto your lips like nobody's business and even after you eat/drink in the morning, it will still be there i swear! It was then after the second eat/drink then it will goes off but still will leave a stain on the lips.

It wont transfer to any other things cause it is super matte but not super drying at all. If you are looking for a really affordable long lasting lipsticks, this is it!

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