Thursday, August 11, 2016

BOTD : Royal Gold Radiant Foundation

Hello Friends! Happy Thursday. Today i thought i am going to share my experience using the Royal Gold Radiant Foundation. I bought this foundation via Althea Korea website and it takes me about 1 week for the items to reached Malaysia. I bought the item using the 150 points given in conjunction of Althea's 1st Birthday. 

The reason i bought this foundation is because of the review inside Althea's website. I was amazed by the coverage and the foundation itself. That review got me straight away! Lets start with the four phases of my face without makeup, half makeup, full makeup and contour/blusher/highlighter as per below picture.

The second picture shows that i have the foundation on the right side of my face only. Look at how super coverage this foundation is and if you wear it too much, you'll look a bit white. 

Look how younger i look in the third picture? Haha. All super full coverage foundation and i love how minimal stickiness it is. The fourth picture is a full picture of my side face.

I will also do a full review on the Etude House Play Stick 101 as i LOVE this play stick as well! You'll know why i love it later in my next blog entry.

My Royal Gold 24k foundation is in the shade #23. I don't know which one to choose as in Althea's website, they did not have the shades published so i have to google it down. Just to let you know, this foundation has only 2 shades so color matching could be an issue.

I love the case of the foundation. It looks so simple and old school. Hehe. Plus the gold on top of the foundation, you have to mix it before hand. I was so excited i just tap the application sponge onto the foundation and did not mix the gold but it is still wearable though. :)

This foundation is a bit oily for me but i do have dry skin now and it leaves a small flakes at the side of my mouth and chin after abour 4-5 hours of wearing it. Although it does promote moisture but it still shows up my dry patch underneath my mouth after a while having the foundation on. 

The foundation applied smoothly and very easy to blend. It feels a bit oily once applied but i always set my foundation using face powder prior to the next makeup application. 

If you are looking for a very full coverage foundation, this might be one of your solution. Although you might be getting 90% of the shade not to be yours, it is still worth the application. The foundation will blend slightly according to your skin color in a while. 

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  1. Wahh.. the packaging in gold color. Tempting. Should be in my next listing ni..

    1. Tu la Pika! hehe. But the color us a bit off skit la since tak banyak shades available hehe. Tapi so far, foundation ni best! Tak breakout langsung.


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