Tuesday, August 2, 2016

BOTD : Witch Pouch Selfie Fix Pigment (02 Follow Me)

Hello friends! It's the last week of Syawal. I am so sad to see this month goes by so quickly. We have to wait for next year around May-July to celebrate Ramadhan and Syawal back again for the Islamic calendar of 1438H. Hopefully i could celebrate Ramadhan & Syawal again next year, insyaAllah.

I personally have used this pigment few times since i received it last two weeks and it has been something that i am still struggling to use. I am not a pigment type of person so i need to get use of how to use pigments on my eyelids. I'll try to give my honest review on this product despite my lacking on experience using pigments.

Inside Altea's website, they claimed this pigments are crease free and very glowy and glittery. To me, when it comes to pigments, it should be very very pigmented as it is from the base of eye shadow. This pigment is more on the glittery side and not colors. Maybe the color of the pigments are similar to my skin color, therefore it is hard for me to see the real color once i put it on my eyelids. 

The packaging is a plastic round with a stopper inside it. You can took out the stopper to use the pigments inside the round tub. It has a clear window on top of the tub closure to make it easy for you to look at the products inside.

The products are very pressured inside the tub therefore you can find some of the products to stick onto the safety lid.

First thing first, when it comes to pigments, you may want to work with it very very delicately. Not for this one though! This pigment is super easy to pick up and apply. You can use the ordinary brush without wetting it to have the effect like how i swatched in above picture. Sometimes, i just use my finger to apply the pigments. Please bear in mind that this pigments are nearly 100% full with glitters so you'll definitely going to have some glitters on your face once you want to remove the products on your eyes. 

I have not use it with a wet brush though. I might be posting an update of using this pigment with a wet brush and will update below soon!

To me, this pigment is surely does not crease my eye shadows at all (i sometimes applied it on top of my eye shadow) and even if i am using it alone, it stays put for more than 6 hours or so! Usually after lunch time, i'll take out may makeup for ablution of solat Zohor. So, from 8am - 2pm, the pigment stuck on my lid like nobody business!

You can purchase this pigment from Althea Korea's website for RM20 per pigment! Super cheap and affordable! 

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