Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Buddies Run Cyberjaya (5km)

Hello friends! Just to let you know, i am not a runner. I don't really run. I run for the sake of collecting medals and to force myself to exercise. I don't really know the right way to run (Yes! There's the right way to run and you have to follow that in order to have less pain)  and i always walk all the time instead of running. At school, i don't really run because i have asthma and bronchitis. So, running is not my preferable sport at all. But since last year, i had this opportunity to run with my fellow MDEC Runners and they we all very supportive of me. Being a first time runner, i ran 3 km for 3 rounds! That was like nearly 10km for my first run! Of course it's a relay run so that makes it even harder! 

I love running at Cyberjaya cause i already somehow know the routes. For 5km usually they will start at Persiaran Flora and we will enter the Persiaran Semarak Api, heading left to Jalan Teknokrat 2 go down to Jalan Teknorat 1, make a U-Turn back to Jalan Teknokrat 2 headed to Shell Cyberjaya and make a U-Turn there to finish off the run at Persiaran Flora. During The My Buddies Run, I was one of the runners who is being sponsored by MDEC to run for 5km route. 

When i received my race pack and would like to put on the running bib pins, i noticed that my shirt was torn around armpit area. Well, if i was the one who paid for it, i will surely get angry with the organizer but it was a free run so i just use one of the pins given for the bib to pin up the torn area. 

Well, i guess this time the runners are quite a lot. Like, really really a lot! And i can't actually run cause everybody are walking including me. Most of the runners are from universities students and also school students. Well, it was fun though.

I encountered with Aja from my Prosmac Family, joined the run as well. So i decided to take photo with her for memories! Hehe. Well, to me it was a fun run organized by KKMM and MyNIC but it was  a lot of runners so, it makes it hard for a passionate runners to run passionately. Haha.

Can't wait for my next run!

Till then,

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