Monday, August 8, 2016

The news, revealed!

Hello friends! It's been a while since i blogged. I wanted to blog about a BOTD today but since so many of my friends has been asking me on my engagement (well, not really an engagement but it was more on a merisik type) so i'm going to blog it here. Just a simple blog would do. 

This was the picture that made the highlight. I posted this picture in my personal Facebook page and everybody congratulate me. There's no caption, just a love symbol and that's it. People can just judge what happened by looking at a piece of paper. 
But it is actually true. I am not really engaged but i am. I know it is quite confusing as we don't have any other pictures to show to other people. My friends keep asking me on pictures but unfortunately, we do not have any as it is not like the official one where there's Pelamin and Hantaran and all. His family just came for a Raya visit, families meeting families and introduce each other. Even that we do not have any pictures casue everybody was playing their part.

With the picture above, i can officially said that i am kind-of engaged to this man. Well, technically and only our family knows about it. Haha. Lets just say again that we do not have any official engagement ceremony so, we have no official photos of us being lovy dovey and stuff. Haha.

Till then,


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