Monday, September 19, 2016

Bangkok 4D3N Holiday Trip

Hello friends! I know i have been missing for a while now. It's cause of Aidiladha celebration and also my family trip to Bangkok. I am not going to write down everything that happened during my trip to Bangkok. This is just a sharing entry with you if let say, you are planning to visit Bangkok one fine day. 

As this is a family trip, my dad made all the bookings (flight and hotel). We boarded Malaysia Airlines MH774 from KLIA to BKK airport. As usual, the check in was smoothly done by me 2 hours prior to the flight. Haha. Our first experience of doing the self luggage tag was also went on smoothly. I was just wondering why we can't check in using our booking reference instead of having to check in one by one. If i have 5 person to check in, i'll be spending most of my time at the self check in kiosk, entering the booking number of 5 people. The system was not that fast either. It takes time for it to load especially when you are done with person 1 and would like to check in for person 2. I do hope for an upgrade soon #MAHB.

We arrived in Bangkok after a 2 hours flight and i did finished watching a whole movie of Me Before You. Well, i don't really know what is the hype of that movie when it was first released. It was just okay to me. So, continue with my Bangkok trip story, we finally arrived at our hotel Holiday Inn Bangkok Phloen Chit around 6pm Malaysia time. (All timing in this entry will be based on Thailand unless stated). 

After checking in, it was nearly night in Bangkok and we scouted for dinner around our hotel area. Thank God for Amarin Plaza right just in front, they have McDonald's and Boots Pharmacy. My mum wanted to go to Boots and see what she could buy during our trip in Bangkok. Well, we don't have Boots here in Malaysia i wonder why. They carries a lot of bath products, very nicely scented ones. My dinner on our first night was Fillet-O-Fish and French Fries from McDonald's. 

As Thai are very famous for their non English speaking, it was hard for me to start a conversation with them. I mean, for me to talk they way they talk was a bit hard at first. My dad is the pro one, he could converse with a Thailander Taxi Driver like he's been in Thai for decades. Haha. Many many, same same was the much used phrases!

While strolling on their elevated walkway (which i still think is a brilliant idea!) I took some time to look at the Erawan Shrine at Ratchaprasong Junction. They always have some rituals going on every day and night. 

Day 2 in Bangkok was the most lethargic day ever. Woke up at 8am, had breakfast and off to shopping malls. Well, i am really looking forward to shop at Platinum Mall as they said it was one of the best malls in Bangkok. So, we walked from our hotel to Big C Supermarket first and scouted around the souvenirs that we would be getting for families and friends. I had my eye on several things but mum said to just see first and we'll buy them later on. Picture above was taken while walking on the elevated walkway from Big C Supermarket to Platinum Mall. Mind you that although this elevated walkway sounds so connected to one another, it is no user friendly especially for strollers and old people or disabled people as it only have stairs! Only at certain points they provide escalators (not elevators). So, if you do have plans to go to Bangkok, think twice.

Night view in Bangkok was pretty much the same as the morning view. Only more lights and more cars! Thailanders they drive cars like mad! But somehow, there's no emergency breaks, no sudden stop, no slow cars, no tailgating, less accident even at the very busiest road, they could still managed to drive peacefully. No honks to be heard at all! I salute them!

First day catch! Well, i found out about the Aero Shop in Amarin (just right in front of my hotel) and it's the best shop ever! I bought these lanyards  and key chains for my fiance and myself cause i love airlines so much i just could not pass the shop without purchasing anything. That would be so rude!

Second night, i just have one of these instant noodles (it's Halal) from 7-Eleven nearby. Ruski one was super hot and creamy and delish! I had that one on the first night and the big bowl on the third night. The big bowl is less spicy and more sour tomyum taste.

This would be my dessert after having those spicy meals. Hehe. Super yummy! I just want to eat them each day. One small pack like this costs around 30 Bhat.

To me, Bangkok is another shopping heaven to all girls. I repeat, girls. Limited stuffs for guys to purchase. I have not been to the Palladium Mall (said to have some IT stuffs there) so i don't know the pricing of IT stuffs in Thailand. Maybe the price is just the same as in Malaysia.

This was my second trip to Bangkok. To me, i would say Bangkok is still a safe place cause their policemen is everywhere but i would not want to wondering around alone as most of them could not understand and speak English. It's hard to communicate verbally. They might not even understand simple English sentence. Halal food is everywhere actually, you just need to find them. Nana has the most halal stores and restaurants so if you are planning to stay around that area, you are most welcome to do so. We did not managed to visit Chatuchak Market as it only open on weekend.Weather in Bangkok was a bit colder than Malaysia. Even during noon, the sun was not that bright shine as in Malaysia. You can still walk wherever you want to go via the elevated walkway and their BTS was also very reliable and easy.

To me, Bangkok was still the same place as my last visit back in 2009. Just perhaps the security is a bit more tight especially after the incident in 2015.

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