Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BOTD : Catrice Blush Artist Blusher Palette

Dear Friends! Today is another blusher day to review! I have been trying many blusher type for the past month and i think this one tops it all. Although this was my latest purchase (nearly 1 month ago) but i still think it deserves a full attention comparing to the most raved about ColorPop Blushers.

I only bought two out of three palette that they have in stores cause i thought i want to test it out first. Sometimes, affordable brands would not look as promising so i have to test it out first.

After testing out the product for few weeks, finally i am ready to give a review on it! Let me start on the first palette shall we?

I think they named their palette based on the color ranges in the palette itself. As this palette is more on the bronze and chocolate colors, the name of this palette is BronzEclat. Each palette has two blushers and one highlighter. 

The swatchs for this palette is quite awesome! Especially that highlighter! Oh wow! The most left one has the most pigmented color ever! The color of bronze-rose makes it perfect for my skin tone color. The middle one is a more on the orange peach blusher. The glitter on this one is more pigmented than the next palette that i am about to share.

This palette has more on the rose blusher shades. Pink rose blusher with a pinkish highlighter. This highlighter is a bit rough and not as pigmented as the first palette that I've shown to you just now. 

As you may see on the picture above, only the first two blushers are pigmented while the highlighter are nowhere to be seen. Well, you can still use the highlighter inside this palette for a more subtle look but it is super light you can just see it shine after few applications.

So far, i think Catrice makeup items are one of the best and most affordable makeup brands available here in Malaysia. I bought these two palette at Guardian KLCC. I will be buying another palette soon to complete my collection! The price is around RM20.31 each (after discount at Guardian when i bought it) so cheap i could cry!

The lasting power is okay. Well, i tend to remove my makeup anyway for Zohor prayer so the blusher did last up until that point of time. The finishing is a mix of matte and satin finished.

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