Thursday, September 8, 2016

BOTD : Colourpop Super Shock Cheek (Cruel Intentions & Birthday Suit)

Hello friends! I know! Guilty as charged! Well, i have been abandoned my blog for nearly 2 days. I have been trying to see what should i blog next. So i found out that i have not blogged about my Colourpop Super Shock Cheek or we call it as blushers as yet so today's post is all about blushers! 

I have been trying to get my hands on these Colourpop products for so long. Especially their lippie stix and eye shadows! But i ended up purchasing their UML and Super shock Cheek instead. Well, to me the hype was not up to my standards for their blusher range. Maybe i picked out the wrong shade. 

I bought two nice pink purple shades after scrolling and reading reviews about them. It is hard to pick out the best shades as most of them looks almost similar. I am not a fan of a very bright blushers but also not a fan of red / pink blushers as well. So, i picked out something in between. 

Let me introduce you to.. BIRTHDAY SUIT!

By just looking at the name of this blusher, i was super excited already! I love how it looks like inside the web pictures and have been stalking this shades for a while now. 

As you may all know, the packaging of colour pop is super nice but the writings rubbed off quite easily and the blusher pan is actually not as bis as the packaging itself. I felt a bit cheated as the packaging is quite huge! 

Anyway, back to the blusher, I love how the color turns out to be when i swatched it using my fingers. It felt super buttery and super silky! The downside part is that, it does not shows up on my cheek so whenever i applied it, i try to apply few layers of it. Maybe my skin tone is not suitable for these type of colors. It looks super bright on the pan but when swatch it, it looks like a very mellow pink color.

It is so unnoticeable when i have it on my cheeks so i have to put at least 2,3 layers of this blusher to get a very nice effect. 

Let's jump to the second blusher...Cruel Intentions. 

Packaging wise, all looks the same. I have this one in my makeup bag so the font Colourpop on the top of the cap is nearly gone. 

Inside the website, Cruel Intentions seems a bit darker than it looks. I mean, when they have it named Super Shock Cheek, i'll think that it is super pigmented that i only need to use just a little bit of it to apply on my cheeks.

The colors might look the same as Birthday Suit except this one is a bit powdery and not as buttery as Birthday Suit. Believe me, both of the colors are totally different! After swatching it side by side, i noticed that Cruel Intentions has more glitters than Birthday Suit.

If you are looking for a very not so pigmented blushers which you can layer it on top of each other, Colourpop blushers are the best! I mean, they look really nice and pigmented but you can control your application layer by layer. Cruel Intentions are more marooney red and Birthday Suit is more pinkinsh color. 

My verdicts are, well as hype as this product can be, i mean, it is only USD 8 blusher (not that cheap if shipped to Malaysia i know) so what more can you expect? The packaging is a bit bulky great. It is white in color and super easy to get dirty but overall, i am okay with these blushers. Will i repurchase them? I might!

Well, you know where to get these babies. Go to Colourpop Website to purchase! They do shipped directly to Malaysia! Yay! USD 8 per blusher (not including postage to Malaysia).

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  1. Hi, May I know how long it takes for your shipment to arrive here?

    1. Hi, it takes about 1 - 2 weeks for the shipment to arrive. If there's any delay, they will inform. :)


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