Friday, September 23, 2016

BOTD : Purple Lippies!

Herlow friends! Happy Friday to you all! I am writing this entry out of the blue. Just thought of sharing this thoughts that i have on some of my purple / violet shades lipsticks. All of my liquid lipsticks collection in Purple / violet shades are in the picture below. Which one would you think is the best? Or do you want to know which one is the best in my opinion? Well, read more now!

Well, i am super in favor of liquid lipsticks. I love most of my liquid lipsticks collection as liquid lipsticks tends to be more pigmented and last a bit more longer than the tube lipsticks (original ones).

These are some of my liquid lipsticks collections which i have been using daily. I always find it weird to have a purple lipsticks on but some purple shades are just not that weird at all to wear! Especially those purple from TooFaced which is super wearable.

Let me just give a short review on the liquid lipsticks that i have in the picture above.

NYX SML Sau Paulo
NYX is very famous for their Soft Matte Lips liquid lipsticks cause it is pigmented and affordable for a liquid lipstick but it is not much of a soft cream lipsticks. The feeling of this cream lipsticks are just awesome on my lips. Super buttery and very fine. Not that long lasting but long enough for an affordable lipsticks to last. :)

ColourPop UML Trap
ColorPop is also a one famous brand for their lip products. I have their Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Trap. I know purchasing a liquid lipsticks online is super hard especially when you wanted to look at the exact shade of the lipstick. I dont really like the shade of this lipstick cause it makes my lips looks like im wearing nothing. And the feeling of the matte lipsticks are just a no no on my lips. I don't know but i don't really think i love ColorPop UML after all.

ColourPop UML Chi
Same as ColourPop UML Trap. I don't know if i could love this shade as well cause it is a bit ashy and it looks like i'm having a white lipstick shade. I don't really like this one either cause it cracks my lips and my lips feels so dry. The good thing is that, it sets just 2-3 seconds after application.

Fame Violet
This is a new liquid lipsticks that i am trying out. It was being sold by a Malaysian seller and i bought 3 shades out of 5 (and new autumn shades coming up as well) The liquid lipsticks are okay but never mind i'll do another review on Fame liquid lipsticks soon!

Kat Von D Lolita
This is my most expensive liquid lipsticks ever! Bought at RM99 per lipstick which is super sold out everywhere! I grabbed the last piece of this liquid lipstick at Sephora NU Central. I am planning to purchase the Lolita II soon but it was always out of stock. I love the texture of it, i love the lasting of the liquid lipstick and i love how it feels on my lips. The meh thing is just one, i should buy more!!! Haha.

TooFaced Melted Fig
TooFaced actually changed my entire liquid lipstick life. It was my first liquid lipstick ever and i fall in love with liquid lipstick just because of TooFaced. I never thought i would love liquid lipstick this much after i tried my first TooFaced liquid lipsticks. I always thought that liquid lipsticks are not log lasting and it's going to be liquidy all the way. I was totally wrong. Fig is the shade that i swatched and fall in love with it instantly. This is a very wearable purple shade i swear you. Just go with the flow and challenge your self once in a while with this purple shade will ya? :)

So, see anything you'd like? All lipsticks are available at Sephora, Colourpop website and FAME instagram.

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