Saturday, September 10, 2016

BOTD : Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks!

Hello friends! How have you been doing? Are you going back to your hometown celebrating Aidil Adha? I am still here at home, blogging! Well, doing the best thing i have ever encountered now! Haha. I know it is Saturday night but i just can't help myself from not blogging! Especially about this particular product which i have been using quite a while since i bought them.

Urban Decay (UD) came out with their new 100 colors of Vice Lipsticks. I never had any of Urban Decay's other lipsticks as when i swatched them, i don't really feel like buying.

This one in particular, was different from their other lipsticks (i guess). I fall in love with one of the lipstick after i swatched it in Sephora KLCC. My first UD Vice lipstick is Psyco. I just can't simply leave the color out of my mind, so i decided to purchase Psyco as my first ever UD Vice Lipstick collection (I said collection cause i have several other shades in mind to purchase as well! Haha). 

One UD Vice lipstick costs RM70 which i think is quite cheap compared to NARS. I am not so sure about MAC Lipstick as i only have a few of them (which i will be blogging about soon! I promise). The pigmentation of UD Vice lipsticks are out of this world! It glides super smoothly on my lips with an intense pigmentation! And the super best thing is that, it is quite moisturizing so it does not dries up my lips at all. When it is super pigmented, it is also super long lasting! Especially those intense bright colors! 

This time around. UD brings out a very sleek lipstick packaging. I love the engraved Urban Decay on the tube. The only problem i have is the opening of the lipstick is quite small and it is hard to pull the lipstick especially my Psyco ones. Cause it is quite tight to pull it out. 

The label colors are at the bottom of the lipstick tube. It is quite hard for you to look at unless you place it upside down. Hehe. Cause all of the packaging looks the same. Oh yes, i have both of my lipsticks in their Comfort Matte type. They have several other types like Mega Matte, Creme, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer.

Lets take a look at the glorious Psyco shade shall we? I fall in love with this shade cause it has a blue glitter sparkling in it. Yes! Blue glitters! I am so amazed by this lipstick i just can't get it out of my mind at all and i had to purchase it. 

The second shade i purchased is this dark shade of maroon. Yes. It may look like a black to you but once you have it swatched, it is actually a very very very deep blood red / maroon color! Amazing right! I always had people complementing my lipstick color whenever i had this one on my lips! This shade is call Blackmail. 

The one time swatch of both of the lipsticks. See how deep maroon is Blackmail. Well, not all black looks black right? Hehe. I don't know if you can see those blue glitters on the swatch above but if you do look closely, you can actually see those glitter particles. 

Well, to me this UD Vice lipsticks are worth to purchase and worth the price. I am aiming on their Metallized shades especially Amulet. Will definitely get that one soon! 

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