Thursday, September 22, 2016

Is there some issues going on with iFlix App?

Well hello friends. Today i feel like asking a question to all of you who have had iflix account. I have subscribed to iFlix account using my 1 year free unifi but i think it is best to have it paid so i do my paid subscription during their Merdeka promo. After i did the payment, my app is no longer showing my last watched since i signed in using a new ID. Nevermind that, as i thought it was only just because of the sign in, my app does not show my last watched. 

So, i watched Gossip Girl using the app in my iPad, registered under my new login ID which is NOT the free Unifi subscribtion. It was okay at first, all of the shows that i've watched did shows up in my history. But now...

I did managed to have a virtual talk with their peeps through Twitter. 

And they thought i don't know how to operate the app. Hehe. But anyway, they are super responsive and i like that! The conversation continues..

And now they thought i watched it through their website browser. :/

After sending the above tweet, i did not received any reply from them until i send a screen capture of my account history to them..

So i was assured to have the app working well back again until yesterday i tried it back, still the same. Well, super sad. Please fix this ASAP iFlix. I just can't memorize all of the last episodes that i've watched. You use to have the Resume / Start Back button. Even that one is not there anymore.

super sad iflix user.


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