Tuesday, September 6, 2016

S1K Event (Proton Suprima Mayhem X FX Tune)

Hello friends! I can't wait to blog about this! Well, basically before last Saturday, i don't even know that this event exists! I mean, i know Merdeka Endurance Race but S1K is just something that i am so not familiar with. Thanks to my Prosmac team, (Bro Dean especially) they managed to secure some tickets for PROSMAC members to attend. I dropped my name in together with my fiance cause we have nothing planned during the weekend.

I did not know who are the drivers, i don't really do much research about this event (i know blame me for being so lazy and don't care) but all i know is that my car model, Proton Suprima will be racing against several other cars. This race has been in since 2009 and i have no idea about it at all! Blaming the medias, let me be the one who spread the news about this race to you girls. Yes. Girls. Basically, girls are not aware of these things cause we don't really do research on car racing event.

After everything has been planned, all of us played our role on that day. Some did waited for the convoy at RV Shell Elite and some did waited at the side of the road after KLIA Toll. Myself and fiance we just go straight to the SIC Car Park and waited several others to arrive there. 

I don't really know how is it going to be like. Are we going to just sit there and cheer for our team? Proton R3 is working together with Mayhem and FX Tune to create such a monster Proton Suprima. With a line up of such good experience race drivers such as Tengku Djan and Kiefli Othman in team with Zizan Razak and Faye Kusairi, there's no doubt that FX Tune X Mayhem could not win this year's race. 

We were given the Paddock pass worth RM265 per pass! It was such a good experience to watch this race from the paddock view itself. We were treated like kings! Foods and drinks non stop! Haha. We did have the airconditioned place to sit but i rather watch the race outside so my fiance and i went out to the roof top of the paddock to watch the entire race. It was not that hot but i did get a bit sun burnt from shouting and clapping on the roof top. Thank God i applied my SPF products on my face. Haha

I don't know why but during the time before the race, i can feel that the Suprima(s) will win this race cause by just looking at the other cars (not to underestimate them) i just have that feeling Suprima will be the Supreme leader in this race and also just want to show to some other race team (especially HMRT fans haha) that we, Proton can do it!

Proton Suprima has two cars racing in a separate team. This picture above is from the Viper Niza Racing team. Unfortunately, they did not managed to finish the race but they did an impressive performance during the first 40 laps or so! Please be reminded that this race needs about 181 laps to complete and Suprima S Mayhem X FX Tune Racing team completed all 181 laps without any car failure!

We were given the chance to visit during their pit stop and just by looking at how they work together is just amazing. All needs to work very fast and quick and accurate! No one can just be lazying around.

To me, it was a very good experience to watch the race and experience it myself. It has always been a dream of mine to be at the Paddock watching the race there. I hope that next year, we are able to have the paddock tickets again. For sure i'll be there from morning till the finishing line! 

Congratulations again to the FX Tune and Mayhem, Proton R3 Suprima for winning the race! It was a good one to beat Honda Racing team! Hehe

More pictures below during the event! Thanks to Prosmac friends for the pictures! :)

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