Monday, October 31, 2016

BOTD : April Skin Snow Fixing Foundation Review.

Hello friends. My blog has been abandoned for quite few days now. I have new and juicy products to review within this week and the first one is actually from a very well known and viral brand once. I know if this product is being mentioned, everybody will remembers its famous cushion foundation. I have tested that one and now they have new product in the foundation range which i am going to review today. 

With its pink box and also packaging, i think i like this kind instead of their famous Magic Snow cushion packaging. Black foundation packaging tends to make it look a bit dirty when use it many many many times.

I don't really spend much time reading those little writings at the back of the box but sometimes, when i do, i always find interesting information on the product that i am about to use. So, do spend some time to read the information around the box. Who knows you might find something interesting too. But for this product, you'll see all Koream writing so unless you can read and understand Korean Language, the back of this box means nothing to you.

As pretty as the box, i love the packaging on this one more than their famous magic cushion. The chrome APRILSKIN font which changes its colors when it hit the lights are just so soothing to look at. Since it is hard to choose the shade when you bought foundation through online stores, so i just choose anything with beige or anything that looks like my NARS foundation.

Not only the box and the packaging is pink, the puff is also pink in color! Super adorable!

The foundation at the bottom looks a bit runny. When i first open up the cap, i was quite shocked to see that the label was smeared but since the foundation is not a cushion foundation, it's a mesh type so the foundation might leaned to one side during shipment hence the smeared.

It was advertised to have a lightweight feel, control sebum and even application once applied. It is also advertised as buildable and long lasting up until 4 hours. I do agree on the buildable part and to have it last until 4 hours. It does not look chapped on my face even if i do have dry skin spots. It is also agreeable for it to be super lightweight on skin.

As per the picture that i took helplessly above, You can see that i do have the foundation on my right face and no foundation on my left face. You make you own hypothesis based on the picture above. It may look a bit chappy on my skin cause i took this after i had wiped all of my makeup and then i let my skin dry for a while before applying a new layer of the foundation.

It tends to show some highlights glow on my face. I do have a pat of the foundation on my hand as picture aboe. You can see how it blends off and how shiny this foundation is. So for it to claim to have a matte finishing, i am not so agreeable on that matter. Sorry.

Well, to me this foundation is okay. I love the packaging but the product i would only give just 3.5 out of 5. I am not not liking it nor i am really loving it. I just am at the border still. I don't think this shade suits me at all but this is the darkest shade that they have, 23 Natural Shade.

Well, it is up to you if you would like to give this one a try. I bought this foundation at HERMO's website for RM 89.00. Quite expensive.

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