Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BOTD : Chriszen Gel Eyeliner Review

Hello friends! Another blog post on BOTD for this week and this time i would like to give a review on the latest gel liner that i have been trying for few weeks now. I mean, to me all gel liners look the same and have the same consistency. From the cheap and affordable Maybelline to the high end products such as Bobbi Brown and such. That's why i am not so keen to spent more money on gel liners. Most of my gel liners are all black color anyway.

I used to be wearing eyeliner everyday single day but since i am getting older and have no time to do makeup each day (cause applying eyeliner takes a bit of a time to get that perfect black line) and only apply what i think is enough for me to not to look like a zombie.

I got caught up on many of the advertisement and some of it was acted by most of my dear blogger friends so i was like "Hmm..why not just give this brand a try." 

If i am not mistaken, Chriszen was once famous for its ampoule and moist cake foundation. I have not tried both of that as yet but i have tried their Roller Foundation and i think the shade of the foundation makes my face looks a bit pink haha. Perhaps purchasing a foundation online is not my forte at all. Especially when it comes to a brand that only has few shades of colors to choose from.

Chriszen Gel Liner has the usual gel liner with brush packaging. the top part is the brush and the bottom part is the gel liner. 

Lets look at the product shall we? The product claim to be Smudge proof and water proof gel liner. I am not sure if this is a fast dry kind of liner but most of the gel liners, it does not take that much time to dry up. Let see if this gel liner dries up fast, or not.

Well, after few seconds (probably a minute) i try to smudge the gel liner with my hands and this happened. Well, it was actually my fault cause the thin line has some left over gel liners that are a bit thick than the thick line ones. So, just look at the thick line liner, just a bit smudged right? So, i can say that it is not smudgeproof at least you have to let it set for few minutes more. Well, our eyelids can be a bit more oilier than our hands so if you do have oily eyelids, you may want to have it set properly first.

Second test! Waterproof test! Well, this one scores 5/5! The liners is indeed waterproof and i can second that one by conducting that test as per picture above.

After being smudged and watered, this is how the eyeliner looks like. Well, still sturdy and looks good! 

So, if you are looking for an affordable gel liner, give this gel liner a try! You can purchase it at HERMO website for RM18.90! Cheap!

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