Wednesday, November 23, 2016

BOTD : ColourPop Love Flare Super Shock Shadow Set

If you are an eye shadow lover just like i do, i bet you want to stay at this page and read about what am i going to tell ya. I have been trying to scale down on my makeup shopping but i failed to do so when it comes to ColourPop. It's not that cheap because of our currency depreciation but still, it is under RM50 worth of makeup which i think still affordable. 

ColourPop never failed to amazed me. By the packaging, you could not have guessed how much is this one worth (without converting it into MYR of course). With this sturdy cardboard box and yes..a MIRROR, this should be at least more than $25! 

There are 6 full sizes super shock eye shadow in this palette with each costs $5 if purchase as a single eye shadow. I have no idea how they just reduce $5 for this palette, with an addition of a pretty palette and a mirror. Just. have. no. clue! 

See that HUGE functional mirror? Yes. Not a film mirror, not a reflector mirror but a functional mirror which you can use. I bet this is one legendary cardboard box! The shadows are also being protected by a foam paper, protecting it from hitting the mirror.

The colors selection are pretty nice and warm, perfect for winter occasion. But here in Malaysia, we do not have winter or summer or autumn or spring. So, it's still perfect to wear even if it's not winter season. Hehe. I bet we could mix and match the colors for more natural looking, day and night.

The first shadow is I Spy. This is a perfect blending shadow, for base blending or just for your eye shadow base only. You can barely see the shadow on my hand. The shadow is a matte light brown shadow. Very buttery and super soft!

Next is Melrose,  a light copper shadow. By looking at the color in the jar and when i swatched it, i feel a little bit disappointed cause i thought it'll be more pigmented than this. But as this is a matte shadow, i think it is okay. 

Next is a very interesting color i should say. It is a duo chrome eye shadow color hence the name is Moonwalk. In the jar, the color looks more towards mouldy green but when you swatch it, it has more of like a satiny dual chrome color of gold and light moldy green. The color is not that pigmented hence you might need to use primer. Photo above is not using primer.

The next shade is By My Side. Another neutral shade for blending. This is more on a light pink/peach color. It is a more of like a pearlized finishing shadow which is super buttery! 

The last two shades are not similar but almost similar. This one is named High Rise and it has a matte deep olive color which is quite disappointed the pigmentation of it. I mean, it's a matte color but very light pigmentation. :( 

Last but not least, is the color Head Rush which is a matte still olive color but this is lighter and more khaki colour. It is like a brownish olive color with a dark brown undertone and again, the pigmentation is quite a disappointed. Perhaps an eye shadow primer would do good with this one.

Overall, with the price given $25 and the packaging, i think this eye shadow palette is  average as still there are more other brands who carries more pigmented eye shadow. With $5 each (normal price) which is equivalent to RM 22.23 each, of course it is the cheapest but who would want to purchase a cheap product that is not pigmented. I could get a RM5 ($1.12) eye shadow at Daiso which is far more pigmented than this. :) 

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