Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BOTD : MARC JACOB Up All Night Mini Lipsticks

Hello friends! It is nearly Christmas and i know most of us (beauty junkies) are madly spending our money towards the Christmas sets / gifts. Around Christmas time that we can purchase many miniatures, Christmas packs and new things that is coming out from the makeup brands. I visited Sephora in Singapore while back when i was there and bought this mini lipsticks set from Marc Jacob. I guess they do have similar thing last year but that one sold out instantly when it was first launched in Malaysia so i could not get my hands on it. 

This set includes 5 lipsticks (which i think is a permanent colors) with a very cute pink pouch / clutch / makeup bag. I am eyeing on the bag as i could use it as a makeup bag and also a pouch!

The bag is size is just nice, a bit bigger than my hand. The material is a shining plastic with MARC JACOB printed on it. The zip has a tassle handle which makes it more elegant and can be use as a clutch as well! Efficient!

There are 5 mini size lipsticks which is super adorable and it was placed perfectly nice in a velvet holder. Quite secured i should say.

Once the holder is being taken out, you have this ample space for you to put your makeup or as i said, act as a pink clutch! Convenient!

Tadaa, here are all the five lippies! All can fit onto my palms without worries. All are super cute and i just can't wait to use them all. I already gave one to my mom so i have another all 4 to myself. Hehe. 

All the swatches will be at the end of this blog so i am just going to show you the name of the shades. So sorry for the poor picture quality. I took using my phone and at night time. :(

This is No Angel. It is more on like a mauve nude color. Something that i don't really have much in my lipsticks collection.

The second one is Slow Burn. I gave this one to my mom but fret not, i have the swatch still. This is more on like a very light burgundy color. Plumy i should say. Pretty. My mom likes it super much!

The next shade is Oh Miley! This is a red color but not too deep of a red. Noticed that the shades are getting darker as we go along. 

Miss Scarlet is a brick red color. Quite like the shade from NARS lipsticks which i can't remember the name (ugh! sorry)

Last but not least, Scandal. This is a very dark plum shade. I have not tried this kind of shades before and am very excited to try this one soon!

Well, most of the shades are not matte. From my past experience with Marc's lipsticks, the bright ones tend to stay longer than the nudes. These are definitely not a matte lipsticks. It looks matte but somehow, it has that shining effect to it which i guess to keep our lips moisturized.

Here are all the swatches from top - bottom according to the arrangement of lipsticks inside the box. As you can see, the lipsticks looks moisturizing and i do hope that at least their bright colors could last long.

This is how tiny the lipsticks are! Just that i did not push all the lipsticks yet cause i do not want to ruin in. I'll post a photo in my instagram if you want to see how long is the lipstick really is. 

Each lipsticks has 1.7 g of products, which the big size has 3.4 g. 

If you would like to get your hands on these, i still think they do have stocks in Sephora now. Do grab them if you are looking to trying out some Marc Jacob lippies. In Malaysia, these are selling at RM215 per set. I bought these in Singapore for SGD 70 (if im not mistaken).

Happy Shopping!

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