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Kuching Trip (20-23 October 2016) PART I

Holiday, who does not like them right? I love travelling, being away from home and work for a while. But, whenever i am far away from the office, i tend to read all my emails just not to make sure that everything is fine and people can actually get in touch with me at all costs but i won't be doing that for sure when i'm in my Honeymoon time soon! Haha. Recently, my family and i went to Kuching. It was the first time for me and my mom but not my dad. My dad travels quite a lot actually, all work related of course. 

My dad bought us all a business class of Malindo Air, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching. My second time sitting in a business class. First time was during a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi, it was a long time ago and i can still remember i ate duck noodles during that flight. I was super relieved that the seat beside me was empty, both flights to and fro! 

They have several choices of foods on board but whenever i heard the word spaghetti, i just could not resists it. So, I've had Spaghetti Carbonara while watching the movie SPY via that little black screen.

The trip to Kuching took us about nearly 2 hours to reach so have plenty of time to spare, by watching movie and reading this book by Boon. If you are looking for a new way of writing stories on leadership and life lessons, this would be the perfect book! 

Touch down at Kuching International Airport, my dad's friend picked us up to go to our hotel. Apparently, the hotel owner is my dad's son in law. We stayed at The Grand Dormani Rajah Court Hotel in Jalan Tun Razak. It was my first time to Sarawak and also my mother's first time too so we would not going to just blindly do things. I thank Datuk Saruji's family for hosting us. 

Upon arriving at the hotel, we were given our room keys and had our rest. Then, our Sarawak trip started straight away! Our first trip is to eat seafood at Kampung Buntal. Everything was prepared for us, the itinerary and all. Although i am not a seafood person, i still can eat fishes and some new foods too. My first time trying midin and sea asparagus / ambal (siput buluh/pepahat)

There are some other seafood dishes as well like crabs (super fresh!) and Ikan Talang which we need to be extra careful when eating them cause it has so many tiny bones!

The next day (Friday, 27 October 2016) the guys went out for their Golf moment and the girls went off to shopping! I didn't expect for me to learn the road in Kuching (from our hotel to the city of Kuching) and around the Kuching city area so fast! Out first stop for the day was at a restaurant for breakfast. We stopped by Mum's Laksa Cafe for a bowl of laksa sarawak and sate (yes, they do eat sate early in the morning).

I have had some laksa sarawak before, cooked by my friend's mother and it was super delicious. When i had the ones in Kuching, i can still taste the same as what my mom's friend used to cook. It is only that the restaurant version is more creamier. Their Sate is a bit dry compared to those in Semenanjung but the taste is quite similar. Delicious!

After our breakfast, the tour around Kuching starts! We first went off to Main Bazaar where all the crafts and souvenirs are and shopped at several shops there. The price is not bad thought. Affordable touristy items i should say.

This is the view from our hotel. My room is a connecting room with my dad so i got a double bed on my own (aww yiss!) and the it has a pool view!

Back in the afternoon, we went to Datuk Saruji's house for a hi-tea celebration (again food!) with Sarawakian foods! There are several kueh which is not known to the people in Semenanjung.

I have yet to get the name of some of these kuehs cause it is only made by Sarawakians. Some of them are super delicious (the one without any prawn taste in it of course hehe)

Day three was the most hectic ones as we have to woke up as early as 5.30am as we are leaving the hotel at 6.45am to go for a 1 hour trip to Serikin. We need to leave early as if it's late, the traffic in Serikin will be very hectic!

Serikin is vet another place that is full with batik, songket, clothings and more! There are some vendors who are selling fruits and other food thingy as well! Serikin is a wet and dry market combination and it's a place where you can bargain for a cheap price for many things like telekung, dress, bags and more! It is located in the center of the border between Malaysia and Kalimantan therefore the market is only happening during weekend.

Are you ready for more stories like this? I'll update it in my PART II soon!

Till then,

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