Friday, November 11, 2016

Kuching Trip (20 - 23 October 2016) PART II

I know everybody would like to know the second part of my Kuching Trip. I am quite surprise that Boon actually do read my humble blog. Haha. Well, continuing from the previous post, while driving away from Srikin back to Kuching, we stopped at Wind Cave (Gua Angin). I insisted the driver to stop cause i have had enough of shopping place and dining places. I need some nature to bring me alive back again. We stopped and took few pictures together in the group but did not managed to get in as we are in a bit of a rush for the next planned activities.

Our next stop is a Nasi Kandar / Nasi Beriyani restaurant somewhere around the airport / bus station area. We had our lunch and then split into two destinations. One visited the shopping malls and the other went to Waterfront area. I am in the one that drives to the Waterfront area. We took few pictures and then went for a shopping spree at Main Bazaar (again, since there are few people have not visited the area yet cause they missed the second half day trip)

We also stopped by some famous cat monuments around Kuching.

After few rounds meeting the cat, we stopped again at Main Bazaar just for a stroll. The weather is also a bit windy as it looks like it's going to rain soon so we decided to stop by for a drink.

(Camera out of focus cause the mural at the back is super colorful than the cendol. hehe)

After the strolling and taking pictures, we headed back to the hotel for a BBQ night. It's our last night in Kuching and Datuk Saruji's has planned everything from day 1 which i am super thankful for. The timing in Sarawak is a bit odd as the sun rises quite early and the sun sets quite fast. So around 7.00pm it is already like a night time there. If you have not read the history of how Tun Mahathir moved the Semenanjung time to follow Sabah Sarawak time, you have to read it. Something bizarre happened in our country not long ago which is called 'Waktu Piawai Malaysia' or some may call it 'Jam Mahathir'.

As usual, during BBQ time we eat eat eat and eat a lot more. I was so lethergic as we are restless but i feel so nice to have nice foods here which is not just seafood. I love the spaghetti, grilled meat and wedges. Finally my kinda food! Hehe.

Day 4 at Kuching, our last day before boarding back to Kuala Lumpur. again our breakfast has been pre-planned by Datuk to eat at Madam Tang's cafe for another round of Laksa Sarawak.

We bit good bye as Esty needs to leave early cause her flight was the earliest. I would like to again say thank you so much for the hospitality, the tour, the food and drinks, the accommodation, the transportation and all. We don't know how can we repay back. Thank you so so so much.

Of course if someone would ask me if i would ever want to visit Kuching again, i'd say yes of course. Perhaps with my future husband next time? See you again Kuching.

Till then,

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