Thursday, November 10, 2016

WorthyBook Ladies Edition : Christy Ng Shoe Coupon

Are you a shoe freak? I can obviously tell you are if you can actually read this blog entry up until the end. Worthy Book has come out with yet another new edition for ladies out there (like the previous one isn't, hehe) and this time around it is all only focused on ladies favorite thing ever, clothes, beauty and spa! 

The front page of the book is quite attractive as they do show several vendors participating in this edition of worthy book vouchers. Who does not want a Zalora coupon code right? Hehe. So, i took my chance to purchase a show from Christy Ng. It was my first shoe by her (it's initially my wedding shoe but my mom said it's too high for me. *sad*) and wont be the last though. 

I waited for few days for the shoe to arrive, and was super excited when i received it this only this week. Well, quite late i should say but nevertheless, the shoe looks perfectly fine!

I choose  the Wisteria Ivory Lace Heels which costs about RM222.50 without discount. Now with Worthy Book discount coupon, i only paid RM 185.50 for this! I mean, a cheap wedding shoe costs RM 185.50, i could save some bucks here!

I am not going to be wasting all the other coupons that they have inside the book so since my mom does not approve this shoe to be my wedding shoe, i might need to go to Christy Ng's shop to purchase the right one and guess what, i could also use the other Christy Ng's coupon in stores as well! A great way to save money for wedding! Hehe

If you are interested to purchase Worthy Book coupon book Ladies Edition, you can get them via

Online :

Or via stores at MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya, Popular, Times and MyNews. This one whole book fill with vouchers costs RM25 which is super worth it! Get yours today! 

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