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Act now! Breast Cancer Awareness Through The Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund

Act now! Breast Cancer Awareness Through The Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund

Life is short, embrace it. Some people believe that by embracing life, you have lived. How about someone who thought that her life is going to end because of breast cancer? This is a real story of a single mother, Hasmah bt. Mohamad Baki. Please do not click close tab. I need all of my readers to understand and feel the emotive story!

Pn Hasmah is a single mother. After the passing of her husband in 2008, Hasmah had to raise her three children single-handedly. With all of the struggling and trying to adapt, luck was not on her side as she was struck with a bad news. The news that most women would not even want to hear. She had breast cancer. If you have been in her situation, you must be in shocked and hating life. But with her power and and strong will proved that any obstacles can be overcome.

(At her son's graduation)

I would like to share with you the story of Hasmah. It began in 2011 when Hasmah noticed that her breast was swollen and immediately sought a treatment at Pantai Hospital Ipoh. As usual for a breast cancer patient, the first thing that could be found is cysts and she had multiple cysts in both of her breasts. Read it again, both of her breasts. As the doctor said it was not cancerous and they removed it. 

(Pantai Hospital Ipoh's Pink Champion team of breast cancer survivors)

After everything seems fine, it just did not end there. She felt a lump in her breast in May 2013 and by then she knew that she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. This was when she used up all of her savings for the earlier treatment. We only know that cancer is about going through chemotheraphy but to some they might need to do more than that. Radiotheraphy and all and it would cost a fortune.

(Hasmah with the Perak Breast Cancer Group)

By then she was working as a Customer Service personnel to support her three children and sought various ways to get help as she could not afford the treatment. Miracle happened. Her doctor recommended her to apply for the Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund. She applied and she was in tears of joy as her application was approved. The fund enabled Hasmah to undergo the necessary surgery and 30 sessions of radiotheraphy.

She is now a retiree, spending quality time with her children. She devotes her time as well to the Perak Breast Cancer Support Group. Hasmah and the other survivors share a common message - Get tested for early detection!

The Khazanah-IHH Healthcare Fund provides partial or fully-sponsored medical treatment to needy patients in Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey. It was launched back in the year 2012 with a RM50 million being disbursed over a span of five (5) years until the year of 2017. 70% of the Fund amounting to RM35 million has been allocated to help patients in Malaysia and the remaining 30% is within Singapore and Turkey. Up to date, the Fund has been helping over 1000 patients in Malaysia. The tagline of the Fund is "Restoring Health, Changing Lives". Should you need more information on the Fund, please visit :

Act today. Do breast cancer checkup everyday. Should you find any lump, do act immediately. Regular checkups can save your life!

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