Wednesday, December 7, 2016

BOTD : ColourPop Persuade Me Lippie Stix Set

Hello friends! On this lovely Wednesday, i would like to take the chance to introduce you my latest purchase from Colourpop. It is actually in the same purchase as my previous Colourpop Hello Kitty entry and also Colourpop Love Flare Super Shock Shadow Set. I did purchased another set of Colorpop after these batch and that will be covered in my next future entry.

And again, the packaging is similar to the Love Flare Super Shock Shadow Set. a boxy packaging with all of the lippies names at the bottom of the box. This set comes in 6 lippie stix which i adore the colors except for one. Want to know which colors that i am not in favor of? Do read until the end of this entry!

As mentioned, the packaging has that similarity with Love Flare Super Shock Shadow with a functioning mirror and spongy protector to protect the lippies from banging the mirror haha. All of the lippies are Matte X shade meaning to say, it is a matte finishing but it does not have that drying formula.

The first lippies is in the shade Ziggie. This is a deep terracotta shade which is super pretty. It is not brown color, not red either. Some special color i guess. 

Next shade is Day Dream. Day dream, if you seen the colour swatch on the end of the tube, is quite different from the real colour of the lipstick. The shade is quite dark plum brown. Pretty too!

I know most of you girls will be asking 'What? Black color lipstick?" I mean, yes if you look it that way. This is definitely NOT a black color lipstick although the name is Le Freak. This has a deep maroon color or very deep red.

A very golden color in this set is Goldie. Not because it is in Gold color but i really love this one so so so much! Perhaps, this is my favorite lipstick shades of all time. Goldie is a deep burgundy shade.

This next pretty color is called Hotline. This is a pretty everyday color that is not Nude. I mean, for certain people, nude is their everyday natural color but for me, this would be the perfect one!

Last but not least, Upside Down. This is a very uncommon peach color. It can be a neutral nude color to some. Well, this is the shade which i am most uncomfortable to wear. I can't wear any coral nude peachy shades. So wrong and it does not compliment my skin tone at all. The color is pretty but it is just not for me.

All the swatches! Le Freak is not that freaky right? :) So do not judge the book by it's cover hehe.

You can purchase these lippies individually for $5 each or you may get this one whole set for $25 (While stock lasts!) via Colourpop website. They have FREE international shipping for international purchase above $50. 

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