Friday, December 30, 2016

BOTD : IT Cosmetics Limited Edition Naturally Pretty Essentials Set Haul

Hello friends and Assalamualaikum wbt. Since today is the last working day for 2016, i would like to share my latest purchased during SEPHORA's Boxing Day Sale last Tuesday. I was a bit reluctant to purchase anything from IT Cosmetics cause i have tried their CC Cream (which have been raved a lot in Youtube) and i happen to hate it. It does nothing on my skin, does not even covers anything at all. Maybe it was my skin fault. Maybe.

But this time around, i am giving IT Cosmetics another chance so that i could actually try to love this brand. Please bear in mind that i have not tested out these set as yet so another review entry will be up soon.

Just look at those pretty pink box. How could i resists eventhough i am not a pink person! The box itself is super glossy and the best part is that, only left 1 box for this on that day at Sephora IOI City Mall. Without hesitation, i grabbed this even i know i won't be using these colors that much. Hehe.

Inside the box, it has a mini size of SUPERHERO mascara and the Naturally Pretty Essentials palette. Perfectly laid on a plastic mould.

There is nothing special about the mascara. I am not sure what it could do as i am only eyeing on the palette. I know this is their volumizing mascara and other than that, i have no idea. I will try it out and will do another review on this mascara alone. Well, as mentioned i purchased this set impromptu without any plans or reading its review.

The palette is super cute and easy to handle. I am starting to love IT Cosmetics only by just looking at this palette. It is a sturdy a bit foamy feeling palette but it's pink in color and it is not plastic. So, it might get dirty very soon. Need to be careful with this one.

It has a functional mirror inside with 6 eyeshadows and one Transforming Hello Light. What the heck is Transforming Hello Light? I am not to sure but i think you can use it as a highlighter or to put on top of the eyeshadow to create a shimmer shadow. So this one palette alone, you'll get 13 eyeshadows (7 as per in the palette and another 6 with the Transforming Hello Light) colors which you can use everyday. That is how versatile this palette is. 

Lets talk about the pigmentation shall we? Since the shadows are basically matte, i knew it would be powdery. The pigmentation is okay but the shadows are just too powdery. I am not sure if it is just my hands, or the way i picked it up or maybe it is just like that. I am happy with the pigmentation of the light colors as it can be quite pigmented even though it is a bit powdery.

Let me try this palette and see how it goes. I am not sure about the lasting. With or without primer. Review coming up soon!

The price for this set is RM74 which i bought from Sephora IOI City Mall.

Till then,

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