Monday, December 5, 2016

Butterfly Projects : X'Mas Cupcake Baking Class

I can't wait to blog about this. Now that i have the time and energy, i could blog about my first baking class ever! Yes. Ever! I have never been to a baking class before. Mainly because i think that if you just follow the instructions, the cake will be as it is. Well, my first baking class was awesome i did a short video about it as well. I would first and foremost thank The Butterfly Project Malaysia and also At 19 Culinary Studio for this opportunity.

I would also like to take the time to thank my fiance for sending me to the venue place, while he waited for me at the mamak shop nearby. Most of the photos were taken using Sony FDR-X3000R hence then resolutions and angle is a bit wide. :)

I was a bit curious on how baking class would look like. Will it be one person doing this and the other person doing that or will it be each of us has the opportunity to do what we want to do. Well, because all of us is a butterfly (cause of butterfly projects maa), we all tried to delegate the tasks as fairly as possible. So i was tasked (more like volunteered) to (at first) be stationed at the beating section but since the first step is not done yet, i helped. 

(These are the dry ingredients)

My tasks is to get the cocoa powder, food colouring and 1/4 cup of boiling water. To dissolved the cocoa for the batter to have that reddish looking. After letting it sit for a while, milk was poured into the cocoa mixture together with vanilla essence. 

Then this cocoa mix was mixed together with the batter which was being prepared by the other butterflies in my group and then off to mixing section! I am pretty excited to play around with the KitchenAid (been wanting this for so long!) but since everyone was looping around the mixture section, i can only take pictures of it. 

(Here i am, looking like a pro, pouring vinegar into baking soda for the last step before we scoop the mix into cupcakes cups. 

Once all the mixture is ready, it is time to lay all the cupcakes cup on the tray and scoop the batter into the cupcake cups as nearly as 1/4 full. Each of these recipes can create about 15-20 cupcakes.

(Photo credit to Tammy)

During baking time, we now turn onto the creams and decorations of the cupcakes.

Since, i am not that creative, these are some of my cupcakes deco which is from fondant. They taught us on how to create a 3D fondant deco or a 2D fondant deco. The creame cheese toppings were done seperately. Recipes will be shared before the end of this entry.

Look at all the cupcakes from the other butterflies did. Super creative and pretty and cute and everything! Mine was just some crappy deco but i am still satisfy with it. 

Below is the recipes for Red Velvet Cupcakes!


Caster Sugar - 330g
Large Eggs - 3 no
Butter - 115g
Vanilla Essence - 1 tbsp
All Purpose Flour - 320g
Cider Vinegar - 1 tbsp
Baking Soda - 1tbsp
Milk - 185g
Salt - 1 tbsp
Red Food Colouring - 2 tbsp (or based on your preference)
Cocoa Powder - 32g

Creme Cheese 

Creme Cheese - 75g
Butter - 75g
Icing sugar - 50g
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tbsp
Lemon Juice - 1tbsp

Looking forward to my next activities with the butterfly! Thank you so much for this opportunity and this would not be my last time attending baking class. More of it will come soon!

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Till then,

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