Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Stay at St. Regis Hotel, Singapore (Heavy Pictures)

Hello everybody! Happy Sunday to all. It is the end of the year. I know, time flies super fast! I just can't believe that 2017 is nearly coming to an end. Since it is the school holiday month and many of us were looking for a place to go for a vacation. If you are planning to make a stay at St. Regis Singapore, here are what to expect.

I stayed at St. Regis Singapore for about 4 days (work related trip) and that was my second stay at St. Regis. First thing first, this is a 5 Star hotel so if you dressed up normal, you will be treated as normal. I am not a rich person, my credit card nearly reached its max amount and i too have other debts to settle. So, i am normal. If you want to stay at a very luxurious 5 star hotel, i would suggest for you to dress well so that they would treat you like a princess/prince or even someone. One of their front desk (which i could not recall her name) is quite proud of her job i guess. If you do not have SGD 600 in your hands (be it cash or credit) you can just say goodbye to your booked room. This luxurious hotel requires SGD600 for deposit (which will be returned back to you after checking out). I tried to nego on the deposit amount, asking her to drop it to SGD 300. She did try but that was after i requested. I mean, they should be helping the customer here. I mean, obviously i could not afford staying at this hotel if it's not for my work. Well, apart from my blue moment, i had a very nice butler. Oh yes, here in St. Regis hotel, you can request almost anything from your butler. A hot chocolate, a tea, asked to shine your shoe or even ironing your shirt! Well, that's the power of a 5 star hotel i guess.

So, lets see what can this hotel serves you with a very high rate price and 5 Star rating. In the first picture uploaded, first thing first that you can see after opening the huge and heavy door is this view. You can see that this is a very huge room indeed. All filled with marbles and such. Very grand and exclusive. Mind you that this is just Grand Deluxe Room with the size of 50 - 52 m sq. Quite a huge room for a loner traveler like me.

Upon entering the room, you can see this huge mirror on your left and the door to the most incredible toilet room! 

You can even sleep inside the toilet. It was super spacious and well, nice. All marbely and such. Need to use in room slippers to avoid slippery fall and also cold feet. Very advisable. The in room slippers are also super comfy! It has double sink and a bathtub which can fit one person. The best part is that, you can even watch movies while soaking inside the bathtub! Even the remote controllers are waterproof! The showers are also out of this world. It has some weird layers of shower which you can easily clean your back without having the need to rub yourself. Let the water do the deeds! Haha. Suitable for lazy people like me. :P

The tea and coffee maker has some finest brands in town. TWG and BREWER'S are the only brands you for tea and coffee. 

Oh well. I can't even look at these beds picture now. Feel like sleeping on it again. You can even choose your way of sleeping aka pillows. They provide several pillows from hard to soft or medium. You name it, they have it. The wardrobe is also super huge! I only have with me a small bag which i did managed to fill in everything (even my shopping items!) so a huge wardrobe like this means nothing. Haha.

These are some additional things inside the room. They provide this huge red sofa which i have no time to sit on as i always spend my time more on the bed cause it's super comfy! They also have these weird wires for audio and stuffs which i am not sure what is the purpose of it. And the best part is the telephone which you can just press the button Butler and they will serve you 24/7. How cool is that! Feeling that you are a queen once in a while. The feeling of importance. :)

Again, some random rich people books which i don't really bother to read cause not my cup of tea. Although the tea that my lady butler made was super delicious! Hehe. And some random CD that i found under the TV cabinet. I have no idea why do they have this. Or maybe someone left it here? Oh well, if you are a rich person, you would not want to walk to the drapes and close it yourself manually right? So they do have a dedicated button just for that sake. Everything is just a press away! Hehe! 

So far, i am loving my 4 days stay here in St. Regis Singapore but i know i am not up to their standards so after this, i would not be able to stay here unless i need to attend some conferences or seminars or networking session. Well, well, to me of course with the price you pay, this hotel provides the best services in town! Just that, sometimes i feel like i am not up to the standard of the hotel. Humbly saying that, i could not afford this if it wasn't for work. Anyway, if you are looking forward to stay at St. Regis, please do so! I guarantee you that the experience that you get from all other hotels that you have stayed before, will never be the same again. 

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