Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Perginya Tidak Kembali (The gone is lost forever)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I know i have been missing for nearly a month. So sorry. Just that i was so busy with last minute work and also being quite caught up with my aunt as she was being hospitalized for nearly 1-2 weeks in December. During that 1-2 weeks period, i was kinda trapped between work and family. Although it was my aunt who is not well, my mom being the younger sister took care of my aunt each day. With this kind of family bond, it is hard for me to not to go and visit her everyday (If i could). 

I can still remember on Wednesday, 14th December 2016 my mom called me and said that my aunt whom i call Chak, is unconscious and her heart beat stops for about 8-10 minutes. From the stories that i have been told, the doctor and nurses were trying to help, giving CPR and what not to Chak. Her heart beats back again but she is still unconscious. From there, she was transferred to ICU  from a normal ward 7A in Hospital Serdang.

When she was bedded in ICU, my mom visited her each day. Chak's daughter and son also visited her each day. My grandmother from Kedah also came to visit Chak as well. Not to forget Chak's daughter who is studying in Malacca also came back once in a while (cause it was her exam week) to take care of her mother.

After nearly 9 days of ICU, my aunty passed away peacefully on Friday, 23rd December 2016. Allah sayangkan Chak sangat sampai Hari Jumaat Chak pergi meninggalkan semua. It was a sad day for all of Munzir's family and was my first time having someone super close by, died. It was my first time taking part closely in the ceremonial and i just could not bear the loss at all. I was crying non stop as my Chak is now gone forever.

We will surely miss you Chak,


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