Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Butterfly Project Goodies Bag 1 : Canmake Best Collection 2016

Hello friends and Assalamualaikum all. As promised in my previous entry, i will be doing a haul entry on the goodies bag that i received from The Butterfly Projects Christmas Party which i attended few weeks back. If you would like to spare some time to read my entry on the party, click here.

The goodies are placed in a very cute pink CANMAKE paper bag which i could reuse it back again for some other things. Hehe. 

All of the items are inside this cute little square box. There are 5 items which i think is a nearly complete face makeup. It has mascara, lip balm, finishing powder, blusher and lip serum. I believe, all of these are in full size! It is said that it's their best seller items in 2016.

The box is full with Japanese language so i don't really understand it it said but still i know it's their 2016 best sellers. Puteri has been eyeing on the blusher for so long she said and she was so happy to see that blusher inside the box as well.

All packed into one cute box, these box could be in total of more than RM100! I was super shocked myself to see all of these products, perhaps full size! Can't wait to try their blusher and powder.

On the left side of the box, it has 3 items, Lip Serum, Blusher and Mascara.

And on the other side of the box, there were Finishing Powder and lip serum! To be honest, i have not tried any CANMAKE products before cause i think it is a bit overpriced and there's not much hype about it.

The first item is Stay on Balm Rouge. I have no idea what it is (have yet to google it) but i can surely say this is actually a lipstick/lip balm. 

The second item is the Glow Fleur Cheeks. This is the blusher that Puteri was very excited to see inside the pack.

Mascara for pretty eyes. Can't wait to try this one! I used to hate wearing mascara but now it is a must in all of my makeup routine.

This finishing powder looks super cute! I wonder does it match my skin at all? It says beige at the back of the packaging. Hopefully it matches me! To me, to have a finishing powder is also a must especially to those who are having a combination of oily and dry skin. I have not tried any coloured finishing powder as most of my finishing powder are translucent. 

Last but not least, This Lip Serum. Never in my life, i know about the existence of a lip serum. Can't wait to test this one as well!

Just to clarify, all of these items are new and still in packaging. I have not open them as yet to try. I shall do another micro entry on each of these, a review i should say.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Canmake, the butterfly projects group for these incredible goodies! 

Till then,

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