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BOTD : Bali Ayu Spa Experience Review.

Since my wedding day is nearly approaching, I thought why not just pamper myself with something that i have not done in a really long time, massage. Since Mr. Fiance is not a massage type kind of person, i was the only one who went for the treatment at Bali Ayu Spa in Paradigm Mall. I would like to thank Adelyne in advance for this incredible experience!

Entering the spa, I can feel the tranquility and calmness. The scent and ambiance makes me feel like i want to sleep here everyday!

I was suggested to take the Hot Stone Massage and Coffee Scrub with Flower Bath by Ms Adelyne, the Manager of Bali Ayu Spa. Wow. I have not had any experience on Hot Stone Massage before and was a bit anxious i kept asking "Is it hot? Is it really hot?". Haha. I can stand hot but not too hot stuffs. I love love love love Hot Blankets therapy but this one is a whole new level for me.

Thanks to my Fiance aka Mr. Photographer, he took almost all of the photos for this entry. This is the coffee scrub that was used to scrub all over my body and discard all the yuckiness haha. It was my first time also trying out coffee scrub. I have read somewhere on the benefits of coffee scrub but i could not recall during my scrub time so i asked the masseuse on the benefit of the scrub. She told me that it is just the same as other scrubs just that i have dry skin so she suggested me to do the coconut scrub instead. I'll come back again soon for coconut scrub!

I can see that the pricing for their treatments are quite affordable. It is a standard spa/massage price, some are based on length and some are based on just ala carte treatment. You pick what you like and go for it! If you are a first time and never had any massage experience before, you might want to try the lighter version of massage. Perhaps something like Aromatic Oil Massage would do first. Make sure that the masseuse know what she/he is doing. If she presses too hard, you can actually say that it is too hard.

The room decoration and ambiance was just as pleasant as the reception of the spa. I could say that they could choose some more relaxing musics to play while their customers are getting their massage or flower bath. I love balinese sunda or degung musics as it is super calming. They also provide couples massage so if you would like to have your husband, doing the massage right beside you, you can do so! hehe.

The flower bath place is a bit small but super calming. I just love the lighting i can just fall asleep easily but during that time, i was too anxious thinking about the hot stone massage that i'll be getter later on so i just can't sleep. Haha. I did played around with the flower buds though. Super calming. <3 p="">
Before i could jump in and change my attire, i was given the time to soak my feet for few minutes in this warm water and also to drink a cup of ginger tea.

My Treatment took about 3 hours to finished. 90 mins of Hot Stone Massage, 30 mins of scrub and another 30 mins for flower bath.
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Let me tell you my experience, experiencing the hot stone massage for 90 minutes. It was one of the 'not-really-painful-still bearable-kinda-hot' experience. The masseuse did give me a notice about the level of hotness of the stone. And she would just test it first and ask if i could handle the heat. There are several type of heat, several level. One is the bearable ones, it feels just like body heat. Second level is a bit warm but still bearable. The third ones are just ugh! Well, it feels super hot but not that long as the masseuse use that hot stone to massage so you'll feel the heat for around 0.5 seconds on each area.

So far, it was a new experience for me and i will definitely come again for coconut scrub. They said coconut scrub is really good for dry skin. Can't wait to try them!

I would like to thank Adelyne for this amazing experience! Will definitely come back for the scrub and to try other kinds of massage.

If you would like to know more on Bali Ayu, do drop by their spa branch at

Baliayu Spa Sanctuary
57, Jalan Bangkung, Taman Bandaraya, 59100 Bangsar, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Baliayu Spa Sanctuary @ Paradigm Mall
UG-25, Upper Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall, No 1, Jalan 7/26A, Kelana Jaya, SS7, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
<3 p="">
<3 p="">or visit their website at
<3 p="">
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<3 p="">Till then,
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