Thursday, January 5, 2017

BOTD : Forever or Never UML Collections Haul

Hello dearies. Assalamualaikum wbt. Today is another Colourpop haul. If you would like to read more on my other Colourpop entry, please click on the links below

In this entry, it will be another lip product from Colourpop but this time around, it will be on their Ultra Matte Lips Collections.

Last Christmas, Colourpop has been having these value sets which you can get some of their best sellers UML, Super Shock Shadows and Lippie Stix. I have been purchasing these value sets a lot, too much until my vanity display could not fit anything anymore now. Might be selling some so do checkout my Carousell ya! 

I am going to dig in into all of the colours first and will show all of the swatches later at the end of this entry.

This is Airplane Mode. I am not sure why they named it that way but i can see myself wearing this in an airplane as the color is nude peach color. I could sometimes see a hint of pink in it as well.

Second shade would be Bumble. I know you could not see the differences between Airplane Mode and Bumble in picture but wait until you see the swatched later on. Bumble is more darker than Airplane Mode. It is more on a dark terracotta shade.

Hello. This is LAX. The darkest shade in this set. This could also be the darkest liquid matte shade that i have in my collection i could say. This shade is towards dark cherry red which would look like if you are having a black coloured lipstick if you applied it too much on your lips. 

The next shade is one of my favorite shade. It is called Teeny Tiny. It is a medium coloured plum. Inside Colourpop's website, they describe the color as Deep grayed out plum. Sounds quite okay i guess haha. 

This is the last colour in this set. This is Clueless and could be my second favorite shade in this set. I love how the pink looks like as it is not as pink as i though it'd be. Since it is matte, this shade is more on a deep mauve pink shade.

Tadaa! All the shades swatched on my hand! It looks a bit glossy cause it takes a bit more time to be matte on my hands. I have tested all of them on my lips and it takes about 3-5 seconds for it to dries up and be matte. Oh before i forgot, these are FULL SIZE set.

This one set costs USD 30 (without shipping to Malaysia). It was sold out now (during the time i typed this entry). Oh well, hope that Colourpop will bring it back soon. You could also checkout another two sets similar to this one as well.

Till then,

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