Thursday, January 19, 2017

BOTD : IT Cosmetics Brow Powder Review

Hello friends! Assalamualaikum all. This wonderful Thursday morning, i would like to share with you my current favorite brow pencil/powder (which ever you want to call it hehe) from IT Cosmetics. If you have been an avid reader of my blog, you'd know that i am not a huge fan of IT Cosmetics but after few products tried, i think some are very very good! This is actually one of it!

I have been using this brow powder for less than a week and i am loving it already. It is easy for me to say that this product deserves the love and attention from all over the world (or whoever is reading my blog now) as i think it is not as viral as it should be. I am having some difficulties in shaping my brows since i have a quite medium-thick brows.

This is my Before brows. Look at the unevenness and the thickness of the brows. I mean, i do have some weird brows i could say. Haha. All because i have a small scar underneath my left brow.

It says here that the color is Universal Taupe. I am not sure if there's non universal taupe. I am not really so sure either what is exactly universal taupe. Haha. Perhaps it could fit most of our brow colors? I think so.

It is a double ended brow pencil (i am not sure why they call it a powder when it is literally a pencil). Looks like a normal brow pencil with a brush at one end and the product at the other end.

This is the Universal Taupe color. I mean, yeah...pretty much looks universal to me. Haha. Well, i think it is a buildable kind of color. If you need it to be a bit darker, you can layer it over on top to create a more thicker looking brows. And, the best thing is that it lasts for a really long time!

After struggling an easy peesy eyebrow drawing effortlessly, this is the effect. My brows looks a bit more manageable and yes, still senget a bit. Haha. But comparing to the first picture that i posted, this looks a bit more nicer, don't you think. :P

I bought this in a travel size at Sephora in KLCC. You can find it near the counter where they have all those travel size items. Maybe after this one finished, i'll be purchasing the full size ones which will costs me RM98 at Sephora alone. This one costs be around half of the full size around RM45++.

I am happy that i could at last use a pencil-like brow item. I am happy with my Tarte Brow Mousse but still i need to bring two items together with me wherever i go cause it has a brush and also mousse. With this pencil, i could just bring one item and that's it!

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