Friday, January 27, 2017

Cherish your life now. If not now, when?

Hello friends. Assalamualaikum wbt. At first i thought of typing another BOTD today but well, it is nearly Chinese New Year so i thought why not just step away from BOTD and just write a very simple entry on Chinese New Year but then, how? I am not even a Chinese to begin with. 

I know some of us knew that i do have a bit of a Chinese blood (well not really a bit quite a direct Chinese blood i would say) but i could not understand or even speak a single Chinese word. I mean, back to that simple entry on Chinese New Year and i said that i am not even a Chinese to begin with. Should that be the barrier for me to not to write an entry about Chinese New Year? I don't think so. There is not need to differentiate between a Chinese, Malay and Indian. There is no restrictions saying that only Chinese can write about Chinese New Year, right?

Well, i just discovered my long lost family member. My Chinese family member. Recently. It was before this, i knew their existence but somehow i would never thought that they were also looking for us as well. I am glad that at last, the mystery in my family is partly solved. It is just that we did not meet each other as yet. Perhaps one day when i am in the northern side of Malaysia, i would do visit them one day. Just to rekindle the family connection back again. A family that i knew but never met.

Anyway, to all celebrating Chinese New Year, Happy Rooster year to all! I wish you all happiness that comes from within, with best of luck, wealth and peace. 


Till then,

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