Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DEDICATED POST : Usherettes at My Wedding

I know i am still in the moon about my wedding, It's once in a lifetime for me so why not embracing it while i still can, right? I forgot to thank the most important person, who worked in and out just to make sure that everyone has their seats in place.

Just look at these people here, excuse my bridesmaid there in the middle, Haha. These two people on the side, Sunita and Murni. Both of them worked hard just to ensure that all of my guests have their own place to seat. Thank you so much girls! Love you all so so much! Although we seldom talked to each other now cause everyone is super busy with their own task and work, but still this friendship never ends and i can't thank you enough for everything you have done!

I know there're some rough situations, no listing of seats, no numbers of seats etc but they did well! Salute! Love you girls a lot! Enjoy the series of pictures below. <3 p="">

Till then,

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