Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dhiyanazim Wedding Day

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy day to all! This entry is going to be all about my wedding day. It is going to be quite a long entry so grab your popcorn and drinks, sit back and enjoy the story. I am not a story teller so i don't know if this is going to be the best story ever told but i can rest assure you that i'll share whatever i could remember about my wedding day.

The glamorous decoration of the ballroom was done by Reka Teemor, a couple named Faiz and Mumtaz together with their crew. They worked hard just to made the ballroom looks exactly like as below picture.

The ballroom was all in white and light blue hue with some glasses and flowers (fresh!). The idea was to have a modern but versatile decoration hence, this was the awesome outcome done by them. We had our solemnization at The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur which was picked by my mom. Hehe

Days before my wedding day (or perhaps months), we started to do all the akad registrations, running here and there and back and forth to the hotel venue and wedding attire venue just to perfect it. I planned my honeymoon trip in October 2016, few months before our wedding itself. I'll crafted another entry on my honeymoon trip soon, maybe will be sharing the itinerary as well if you are interested.

My mom was the one who is super busy when it comes to the few weeks before the wedding day. She prepared the door gift, the listing for seating and also the trays for hantaran. Although we do not have any hantaran or dowry exchanged (my mom does not asked for it) still we have wedding rings and tepak sirih to exchange it with the groom's side. Well, It is indeed a simple solemnization ceremony, very straight forward.

The pelamin was from my mother's idea, she took it from a picture of a hotel decoration (believe it or not) and Faiz from Reka Teemor made it wedding-wise looking! There's butterflies on the side, requested again by my mom as she likes it. So, actually this wedding is mainly all from her idea. My only contributions were to have the Gamelan players there which is a MUST in my wedding and no one can say no to that.

The entrance of the ballroom, was also a duplicate of the pelamin, with some crystals and blue background behind it and of course, fresh lilies.

Lets move forward to makeup and hair do. When i was doing my wedding plans, i have already engaged with an online friend of mine, Nur Lianna asking her to do my makeup on my wedding day. I have watched her doing her live makeup and makeup videos and is actually her friend on Facebook but we just never met. I was super duper happy with the result of my makeup, although it takes her just about 2 hours to complete the look. My hair do was from a friend of Lianna, named Airil who has perfectly done my do with some accessories that i purchased from Lovisa. Yes. My hair clip is just from Lovisa. :)

Lets move on to my wedding dress and my husband baju Melayu. My solemnization dress was from Mimpi Kita, which i have gone back and forth just to repair the front cross section. Haha. But it was fun working with Nurul and her team cause they were just some fun people and down to earth. Initially my dress would just be some simple front tie lookalike dress with veil that it not that super duper long and a bit of trail to the skirt. The dress supposed to have some buttons on the back and at the wrist, just some fake buttons. But Nurul has added some heavy beaded top so i think we do not need the fake buttons after all. My husband baju Melayu was tailored perfectly by Omar Ali. The Sampin was from Jakel and also the songkok. The baju Melayu keris button was also from Omar Ali.

I just can't thank enough my bridesmaid who has been there for me during my wedding day. I am so glad to see that all four of you clicked instantly and i just cannot imagine not having all of you girls with me on that day! You girls were amaze-balls! Thank you for your help, for waking up early in the morning just to celebrate my wedding day together with me. It was indeed a 1Malaysia unity.

Thank you to my cousin, Hafiz Zainal for performing several requested songs (by my mom.haha) on my wedding day. Well, everyone was amazed by your voice im sure of it! Haha.

Last but not least, thank you to my parents and family members for this whole magical day! Thank you so so much for everything!
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Now i can say that i am officially married!

till then,


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