Monday, April 10, 2017

Honeymoon Part 1 : KUL - FCO trip!

Hello and Assalamualaikum wbt to all. I just can't get my mind away from Rome, a city in Italy that is filled with surprises each day. I am blessed that my husband actually picked that place out just because he likes Italy so much (i think so. haha). I am planning to visit Rome again soon. Like, really soon. Just can't get that place out of my mind still. It is so memorable and the journey is just awesome! We did not have any difficulties and all of the trips are perfectly arranged by yours truly. Hehe.

We boarded Emirates Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai (EK343). It was my husband first time travelling outside Malaysia, seating in an airplane seat for almost 7 hours straight. We had a transit of around 4 hours before flying back again to Rome from Dubai (EK97).

During the 4 hours transit, we had time to stroll around Dubai Terminal 1 and husband did some time having some smoke inside the Smoking Lounge while i sat at Costa Coffee, having the best time of my life.

Before boarding, we had McDonalds as my stomach was super hungry! I did recorded a video on this so i shall update my VLOG video section at the side of this blog soon!

The view route from DXB to FCO (Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport) was super amazing and spectacular! It was indeed an eye catcher as i can only see mountains of ice in white color. This was just right above Turkey (or somewhere around that area). 

Once arrived at FCO, we were greeted by a tall Milan guy by the name of Christian. I did take some time to book a chauffeur from the Airport to our Hotel during our 4 hours transit and i booked it under Blacklane. He greeted us with a Mercedes E Class and did have our name displayed at the departure door. Simple and easy and super reliable! Once we arrived at our hotel, Ponte Sisto (which i randomly booked via we had our rest and then started to explore the nearby places such as Campo De Fiori and trying to find halal food. While exploring, we did managed to stop at several groceries stores to buy mineral water bottles and some bread and condensed milk (Cause i packed those 3-in-1 drink with us and husband just need a little condensed milk to make it more kaw)

This was the map provided by our hotel. She explained the hot spots and where to shop there in Rome and i have digested this map even before i arrived in Rome. So, i know where to walk and where to go and so forth. The route is simple as it is consist of some small alleys. Just we have to remember where we turn and where to walk towards and how to go back to the hotel.

We were quite lucky cause we arrived in Rome at around lunch time but with the baggage waiting and all, we only arrived at the hotel at around 3.15pm. In Rome, the sunset during that point of time was around 5.30pm. So, we only have few hours until the sunsets and Rome changes into a busy night city.

Rome is filled with ancient buildings and decorations. Most of the buildings are just super old. Perhaps, older than our own great great grandfather and great great grandmother! Some even dated even before Christ (B.C)! Can you imagine that? And they still stand still and strong. People could actually see and visit these places up until today and some are still being used as a Cathedral, Churches and shops.

Rome is a huge city. People whom we met and asked us on how long will we be in Rome, and we replied 4 days, they were shocked! They said, to explore Rome, you would need a month or maybe a year! I will definitely come back to Rome soon. When i mean soon, it is really soon.

Well, this Honeymoon entry will be in several parts. Perhaps i'll just do one day, one part. Easier for you to read and understand. :)

See you in Part 2!

Till then,

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