Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Honeymoon Part 2 : ROME and Surroundings

Hello and Assalamualaikum wbt friends and families who keeps on reading my humble blog. Today is the second series of my honeymoon trip to Italy. During our second day stay, we went to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatino. It was a well planned trip from our hotel to the Colosseum. As usual, yours truly had already booked a Skip-The-Line entrance tickets to enter Colosseum cause no matter when you visited Rome, the line will always be super long when it comes to Colosseum. Better be prepared to make sure everything at your end ends well. I do not mind paying an extra bucks for the skip-the-line. All skip-the-line tickets i bought from "Get Your Guide" website. They have an application on app store and google play store as well so you do not have to print out the tickets.

The meeting point was at around 10am and we should be at the meeting point 15 mins before the starting time. Get Your Guide booking has all the important information that you needed to know prior to the visit such as 'Be prepared to go through an airport-style security" and no metal/knives and large luggage allowed. 

Some part of the Colosseum were closed so we could only wander around the first floor and the second floor and only 1/2 of the whole Colosseum. There's not that many things to do here. Just some sightseeing and learning. If you are really into history and wanted to know what happened, you could get an audio guide for a rent at a certain price. The Skip-The-Line tour also covers Palatino and Roman Forum.We don't really take much photos at Roman Forum and Palatino but we did take few videos there. You can go ahead and look at the sidebar of this blog for the video.

We went back to the hotel after spending nearly half day at Colosseum, Palatino and Roman Forum for a rest then we went out and had our lunch at Peri Peri Halal Grill Food in the Municipoi I area, very near to Spanish Steps. From out hotel, we had to walk around 30 mins to arrive at the restaurant and we did stopped by some interesting places such as the Piazza Navona and Pantheon.

After months of looking and exploring via Youtube channel, these two places are finally in front of our own eyes! We did not enter Pantheon just yet, we just passed through as both of us are very hungry. Then, on the way we also passed by the famous gelato shop in Italy, Giolitti. There in Rome, there are two famous gelato shops, one by the name of Giolitti and the other one is named De Palma. The Romas said that once you tasted De Palma, you would not go back to Giolitti. Well, i like both actually. Maybe cause most of the flavors are just similar to each other and the texture and taste are also quite similar.

Just after breakfast, before heading to Colosseum, we went for a morning stroll at Ponte Sisto with our jeans and sweater. We met with a street performer and requested to take photo with him.

Rome is full with surprises after all. I see you in my Part 3 entry soon! 

Do read my Part 1 entry as well.

Till then,

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