Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Honeymoon Part 3 : Catacombs and Aquaducts Visit

Hello and Assalamualaikum wbt all. In this part 3, i will be explaining about our visit to the biggest catacombs in Italy and also our visit to aquaducts. If you are not familiar with aquaducts, it's just like a water way from one particular water source to the villagers or town. In this case, the aquaducts were named Aqua Appia, which stretched from Aventine Hills to Rome city in which it dropped 10m over it's entire length. This has been one of the remarkable engineering as with our eyes, we could not even see the change of height of these aquaducts!

This aquaducts has been ruined by the barbarians, in order for them to cut the water sources of the Romans Empire. Hence, the only still standing and pretty looking auqaducts is the Aqua Appia.

This trip includes a tour inside the Catacombs which we are not allowed to record any videos or take any pictures at all. The experienced walking into one of the largest Catacombs in Rome, Catacombe San Calisto is just something that i could not forget. Marija, the tourist guide keeps on asking if any one of us is claustrophobia. It was not that claustrophobic and the place is quite spacious. Two asian person with average weight could walk hand in hand without any problem. At some places inside the catacombs, it can be quite compact but that experience is just for few seconds only. If you do visit Rome, do take your time to visit their Catacombs. It could be one of the amazing experience ever. I booked the trip via Get Your Guide app, again.

Before all of this happened, we were trying to find the waiting point for our trip. We walked from out hotel to the waiting point in Cavour and as usual being super punctual, we were super duper early. So, we ended up having the best Caffe Latte in Rome at this small English Speaking cafe. Here in Italy, it's alway Cafe Latte, Cafe Latte and Cafe Latte. Never ending.

Okay, moving toward the end of our trip, before we visited the aquaducts and after our 30mins trip inside the catacombs, we visited the Appian Way. This is one of the earliest Roman roads in the ancient republic. It was used as a military supplies and to transport troops outside Rome. The width of the road can accommodate up to 7 people, similar to how a soldier used to march. Alongside the road, there was a huge mausoleum named Mausoleo di Cecilia. This mausoleum holds the body of Cecilia, said to be a very wealthy lady back in those days. By just looking that her huge mausoleum, that's how they know about the wealth of the lady. In front of her mausoleum, there a Saint Nicolas Church. A ruined church.

We bit farewell to Marija and our tour gang, came back to the hotel and gather all the dirty clothes for a laundry trip. Since we stayed at Ponte Sisto hotel, just across Ponte Sisto, there's a Laundromat which is a self service laundry mart where you just put in coin and the machine will start. It also provide soap and a huge plastic bag as well!

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