Monday, April 10, 2017

Review : Veet Sensitive Touch!

Hello and Assalamualaikum wbt all. It is the time for me to give my opinion on Veet Sensitive Touch which i received a while back. I have tested it out and would like to give my verdict and review on several factors of this new gadget.

Honestly, i saw this gadget when i was in Milan, Italy and wanted to purchase it there as there was no such thing as Veet Sensitive Touch in Malaysia. So, we went to Carrefour Express in Milan, near our hotel but could not find this. When i received an email from a PR house, asking me to review on this, i thank God i did not purchase it in Milan. Hehe

This Veet Sensitive Touch comes with some various detachable heads, to assist you in trimming at the sensitive body parts including eyebrows, underarm and bikini line. Well, now you don't really have to go to the wax parlour anymore! If you need an express trimming device, this is the perfect one for you.

Inside the Veet Sensitive Touch includes, a pouch bag, a gadget, eye brow trimmer, 2mm & 4mm comb attachment, comb attachment, styler cap, replaceable 2-sided trimming head (16mm & 6mm), 20mm replaceable bikini trimming head and a cleaning brush. Not to forget, an AA battery is also included in the pack as well! 


*Replaceable Bikini Trimming 20mm*

*Comb attachment*

*Replaceable 2mm & 4mm and styler cap*

*2mm & 4mm comb attachment*

*Cleaning brush*

I tested it out just to trim my eyebrows a bit on my left side and it was painless all the way! I was skeptical to use it at first as i have used epilator before and it was super pain for me! So, my husband tested it out first on my hands and it was painless. So, i use it to trim my eyebrows. 

*My bushy eyebrows. Even if i did use brow pencil to draw my brows, it still looks ugly and not symmetrical*

*After using Veet Sensitive Touch to trim my brows, I can say that it looks symmetrical now even without any brow makeup.*

So, after seeing how simple to use this Veet Sensitive Touch, i can see myself grabbing this gadget a lot if i were to trim my eyebrows again in the future. Well, also perhaps when i would need to also trim some of my sensitive body part i could grab this as well without having to make an appointment to the wax parlour. Saving time and money! *smiley face*


You can get this amazing gadget at any participating pharmacies for RM 119.00!

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